My Favorite YouTubers!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be showing you an updated list of my favorite YouTubers! First, please subscribe, it would mean a lot and enjoy!

Haley Pham

The first YouTuber is Haley Pham. She is super funny and her videos are great! She vlogs every week and also posts a main channel video every Friday. Honestly, she is really relatable and aesthetic. Her videos are kind of random, but I definitely watch her first!

Luca Whitaker

Someone new is Luca Whitaker. She also does vlogs on her vlog channel and posts fashion, beauty and other random videos. She is super positive which is really refreshing and I always love to watch her videos.

Hannah Elise

I also have recently been loving Hannah Elise’s videos. She is a college student and mainly does thrifting videos. The clothes she thrifts are always so cute and items I would actually wear. She does other types of videos like vlogs and life in college videos.

Kristin Johns

Another classic is Kristin Johns. Kristin Johns is a christian YouTuber who does vlogs with her husband and other beauty and homemaker videos. She now has a brand called Kristin Made with lots of diy videos and a couple great quality products.

Ryan Trahan

One of my favorites has been Ryan Trahan. He has lots of entertaining original content. He just posted a video about DM’ing 100 celebrities and it was actually so great. He is also Haley Pham’s boyfriend so you get to see more of her too.

Brooklyn and Bailey

I still love Brooklyn and Bailey and also the other McKnights. They have great family friendly content. Recently they have been talking about college because they are freshman. It is really interesting to hear about their experience with college and other fun videos.

The Labrant Family

Lastly, I love the Labrant family. They are Christian YouTubers that vlog their family life. They also just had a baby and moved, so their life is exciting!

Those are all of my favorite YouTubers to watch! I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to subscribe! -Briana

Question: Who are your favorite YouTubers?

6 thoughts on “My Favorite YouTubers!

  1. I should check some of these out. I never really watched anything that just documented someone’s family life before. Usually my YouTube is limited to diy or kid related content . Lol, I could use a little “just because” too. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Love this post! I’m always looking for new YouTubers to watch (it’s a great way to procrastinate lol, but also a fantastic way to gain inspiration!) 🙂

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