A Day In The Life of Briana

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be taking you along with me and explaining kind of what my life is like everyday. First please subscribe to my blog, it would mean a lot and enjoy!

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Get Ready

The first thing I obviously do is wake up. I get up at 8 in order to get ready for my first class which is at 10. I am still in high school (GRADUATING IN A WEEK) but for the last two years I have also been attending college classes. It’s really nice because I don’t have to get up early! Anyways, I get ready pretty fast because I don’t wear much makeup and I pre-pick-out my clothes. Normally I will grab a protein bar for breakfast and then head to school while listening to my favorite music.


Like I said, my first class is at 10. That is my lifespan psychology class (which is pretty boring). After that class I have an hour break that I use to get my homework done. Today I didn’t have much to do so I read some of my book (Paper Towns). After my break I have a photography class at 12 and then I get done at 12:50.


Today it was really sunny and I didn’t have anything to do so I went outside in the SUN! I took a blanket, a book and my AirPods outside. I read my favorite book, Harry Potter for a while while soaking up the sun. I also listened to one of my favorite podcasts, Pretty Basic while tanning a little.


I try to go on a walk every day if I can. Today I went for over a half hour and it was super relaxing. I live out in the country so it is so nice to walk in the sunshine. My neighbors also have horses so it is fun to visit them. Check out my Instagram story to see some pictures from my walk today! Also here is a picture of my dog running away from me on a walk lol.


After that I had a dance class. On Wednesday’s I have a modern dance class at 7-8:30. We are working on some choreography today for our recital. It is super fun and I am really looking forward to performing this piece.


After I get home from dance I will take a quick shower and then it is my favorite part of the day, time to relax! Sometimes I will do a hair mask to help my hair grow right now. During this time I will watch some TV with my family and do some writing while listening to music. This really helps me unwind and kind of gives me time to get tired.


Finally, my day comes to an end and it’s time for bed. Obviously I will do everything like brush my teeth and do my skincare routine. Before I actually go to sleep I like to read my bible and then read a book. This helps me get really tired so that I can actually sleep. I normally go to bed around 11:30.

That is what a typical day looks like for me! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Please subscribe, like and comment!

Question: What time do you wake up?

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