100 Things To Do This Summer

Hey everyone! It’s almost summer! I know you probably have a lot of things planned but you are always going to have some boring days. Hopefully this post gives you some great ideas! Also, please subscribe to my blog to see new posts every Friday and enjoy!

*images not my own*

  1. Go to your local farmers market
  2. Change your hair
  3. Have a picnic
  4. Go camping
  5. Go out to eat (Chick Fila)IMG_4635.JPG
  6. Beach day trip
  7. Spa day
  8. Go see a movie
  9. Go tubing
  10. Paint or drawIMG_4638.JPG
  11. Lake day
  12. Have a bake day
  13. Go on a bike ride
  14. Go to a concert
  15. Go on a hikeIMG_4639.JPG
  16. Kayaking
  17. Summer clothes shopping
  18. Have a photoshoot
  19. Get a piercing
  20. Fair IMG_4640.JPG
  21. Make bracelets
  22. Volunteer somewhere
  23. Watch fireworks
  24. Family reunion
  25. Watch the sunrise or sunsetIMG_4641.JPG
  26. Go on a walk
  27. Go thrift shopping
  28. Spend night at grandparents/relatives house
  29. Penny board
  30. Go to a drive in movieIMG_4642.JPG
  31. Get a facial
  32. Read a ton of books
  33. Go paddle boarding
  34. Learn something new
  35. Bible studyIMG_4643.JPG
  36. Pick berries
  37. Get a henna tattoo (or real one)
  38. Take a lesson for something new
  39. Write
  40. Make acai bowlsIMG_4644.JPG
  41. Make dinner for family
  42. Re-do your room
  43. Tan outside
  44. Plan a vacation
  45. Workout a lot IMG_4645.JPG
  46. Visit family
  47. Host a party
  48. Treat yourself
  49. Clean your house
  50. RoadtripIMG_4646.JPG
  51. Go surfing
  52. Learn a new sport
  53. Get nails done
  54. Go to a museum
  55. Go plant shoppingIMG_4647-2.JPGIMG_4647-2.JPG
  56. Surprise someone with an act of kindness
  57. Read and paint or draw in your Bible
  58. Pull an all nighter
  59. Go to an escape room
  60. Take a yoga classIMG_4648.JPG
  61. Tie die tshirts
  62. Plan a trip
  63. Have a party
  64. Go without your phone for a day
  65. Sleep outside
  66. Make your own ice cream
  67. Play truth or dare
  68. Mall day
  69. Rewatch your favorite movies
  70. Go to a sporting event
  71. Learn a new language
  72. Write a song or poem
  73. Prank call someone
  74. Talk to an old friend
  75. Follow a Bob Ross tutorial
  76. Do one thing you have been scared of
  77. Write out your goals
  78. Chore day
  79. Go on a coffee date
  80. Go on a cruise
  81. Make a summer playlist
  82. Have a game night
  83. Be more environmentally friendly
  84. Make up a dance
  85. Go to the river
  86. Write in a diary
  87. Write a short story
  88. Go garage saleing
  89. Go to a zoo
  90. Have a bonfire and roast smores
  91. Start a new series on Netflix
  92. Meditate
  93. Read a new genre of book
  94. Go on a blind date
  95. Go to a swimming pool
  96. Recreate something from a restaurant
  97. Experiment with makeup
  98. Go to a water park
  99. Go on a weekend trip
  100. Eat cookie dough


Those are all of my ideas! Hopefully these help your summer be a little more exciting! Thank you so much for reading! It would make my day if you liked, commented and subscribed!                                                                                                                           -Briana

Question: What is your absolute favorite thing to do during the summer?

8 thoughts on “100 Things To Do This Summer

  1. There are just so many things to do in summer and your ideas just add many more fun stuff to do! πŸ˜ƒ I like the idea of volunteering somewhere. It’s a fantastic way to spend the summer, as well as to give back to the society and also improve our soft skills πŸ˜„

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