Summer Night Routine | 2019

Summer Night Routine | 2019

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Hey everyone! Today I will be showing you my relaxing and long summer night routine! This is pretty much my favorite time of the day so I figured I would share it with you all! Before I get into it, please subscribe to see all of my new posts every Friday!

Before this night routine even starts I will have just gotten done eating dinner. After that I will normally do some time of exercise like running on the elliptical, an ab workout and a walk.

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Face Mask

The first thing that I did on this particular night was put on a face mask. My little sister and dad also had to take showers so I needed to kill some time. I used the purity pore cleanser face mask on my nose. I also used the Glow Boost stick face mask from Olay on the rest of my face. I accidentally left those on for like an hour… oops.

*no pic for this lol*


When my family was done hogging the hot water, I finally got my chance to take a shower. I also took some time tonight to exfoliate, shave and all of the other normal stuff. I also made sure to moisturize and fake tan my face when I hopped out of the shower.

night - meditate.jpg


After my shower I decided to meditate and also stretch a little. I am trying to get into meditation because of how good it is for you. I have come to realize that it also just feels really nice and relaxing. I like to listen to nature meditation sounds while I meditate. Like I said, I also like to stretch but I especially do because right now I have achilles tendonitis. All together this probably takes me about 15-20 minutes but I actually enjoy it.

night - bible study.jpg

Bible Study

Next, I will turn on some lo-fi study music on Spotify and do my bible study. I pretty much use the soap method when studying the Bible. This time is really relaxing for me and helps me get in the mind space for bed time. I also like to go on Pinterest and read some bible quotes.

night - netflix.jpg


After my bible study, I have time to do anything that I want. Most of the time I will do some creative writing while listening to music. Then I will watch some TV or YouTube. Right now I am watching The Rain and Grey’s Anatomy.

night - reading.jpg


After I do all of the normal things like brush my teeth, wash my face, take my vitamins, etc. I will read! This is probably my favorite part of my whole day because it is so relaxing and helps me get ready for bed. Right now I am reading 4 different book, I know lol, that sounds crazy! I am reading Crazy Rich Asians, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Diamond in my Pocket, and one other one that I just started. I will read for probably around 20-30 minutes and usually spend way to much time reading.

night - book.jpg


During the summer I go to bed around 1 but I get distracted super easily and it ends up being later than that. Right before I go to bed I will put my homemade eyelash serum on. If you want a recipe, let me know and I will do a short post on it, because seriously, it is amazing and cheap.

That is my summer night routine! Thank you so much for reading and also, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!                                                                        – Briana

Question: What time do you go to bed in the summer?

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