Getting a job? | Life Update 4

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Hey everyone, it’s time for another life update! This one is kind of exciting with all of the doors that have opened, but we will see lol. If you aren’t subscribed, please subscribe to see more of my posts! Enjoy!

Ok, so first for the title of this post, did I get a job? No lol. So a quick little story time thing. For the past several months I have been quite literally bugging a coffee shop near me trying to get a job there. The manager now knows me and has my resume and everything but just recently she told me that they wouldn’t need to hire anyone for the fall. I was kind of sad but I didn’t worry too much about it because I knew God had something better planned for me.

Well, one day after I found out that bit of information my friend sent me a text: “Hey paco do you want a job at the bakery?” (Paco is my nick name lol). My best friend works at a bakery in our small town. Because we both graduated I am not going to be seeing her everyday at school which is so sad. Anyways, she is giving the owner my number and recommending me. She thinks I have a pretty high chance of getting the job considering I know a lot of people that work there. I really hope that this works out because it is pretty much an answer to my prayers.

Next, if you follow me on Twitter you probably saw my tweet asking if I should message someone first which freaked me the freak out lol. Well, people encouraged me to and I did. I wasn’t being flirty, I was basically just complimenting a guy that I don’t really know. It didn’t go quite as planned but it also didn’t go terrible, so yeah, that’s that. This also made me realize that I should step out of my comfort zone more and do things like that.

I am also going to try to be more positive and kind. I always find myself thinking negative or mean thoughts which is terrible. I am working on being more aware of this and trying to fix it. So basically, my goals are:

  • be positive
  • step out of my comfort zone
  • be super confident
  • be kind

Also, this summer has been pretty boring for me. I need some ideas from you guys. What is something you like to do when you are bored? Some fun free things to do in the summer? Also, what are some good artsy things that you can do to distract your mind a little? Thanks in advance because I need some ideas.

One idea that I had is to go on a walk, so that’s what my family and I did. We live out in the woods, kind of, and there is a short trail that we had never been on before. Anyways, we went on a short walk and it started pouring but it was still really relaxing for me because I love the rain. Enjoy the picture of my dog that was taken on this walk.

That is pretty much everything that has been going on this past week but I probably forgot some things lol. Thank you so much for reading! Please like comment and subscribe!                                                                                     – Briana

Question: What do you do when you are bored?


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