My Summer Clothing Essentials :)

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be showing you some of my favorite summer clothing items that are such essentials! Please subscribe to see new posts every Tuesday and Friday and enjoy! Also, I took the pictures without makeup on, just because I felt like it, so be nice lol. 🙂

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Mom Jeans

I live in Washington, so it’s not always hot or super sunny in the summer, like this year! Mom jeans are a new favorite of mine but they have definitely become an essential. Not only are they super comfortable, let me emphasize how comfortable they are! They are also really cute and cool for the summer. The ones I have, have large rips in them, which help to keep me cool during summer. I also feel like mom jeans are really flattering as well. Definitely a must! Also, peep the hair scarf I talk about later.


Platform Sandals

Ok, so first thing is probably my favorite and that is platform sandals! I love them so much because they give you height but they are so comfortable. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to wear heels very often because they feel too fancy, but these sandals feel casual but also super cute. They look cute with a dress or just with jeans. Mine are a dusty pink color with a cute weaved grass (lol wth is this called) platform part and they are Steve Madden. In conclusion, they are super cute and casual while also being comfy.


Paper Bag Shorts

Next, are paper bag shorts. I have two pairs, one is this one white with blue stripes and then the other is denim with white stripes. Not only do they add something to your outfit, but they are super comfortable because they are nice and loose. I like to style these with a simple tank top from Brandy Melville and some cute jewelry. Mine were both from American Eagle and I got them on sale 🙂


Tube Tops

Something I haven’t normally worn is tube tops. In my head I always thought of them as uncomfortable and not flattering at all. I recently found some at American Eagle for $8. I tried them on and I loved them! They are super cute and actually really comfortable. Also, they are thick enough that you don’t have to wear a bra which is a plus. These are also perfect for summer because you don’t have any tan lines.


Jean Jacket

I recently got a jean jacket and now I don’t know how I survived without one. You may be wondering how this is nice for summer, but they are great for layering. You can wear a cute tank top underneath and wear the jean jacket if it is chilly at all in the morning and then just take it off as the day goes on. The one I got is from Hollister and it is super soft. It was pretty expensive, around $50 I think but it’s not something you need to buy very often.

A0C730AC-8CFF-42B8-B67D-701251E5CC86.JPG     EF9A79A4-B55F-497A-A73E-0CAFDBEF5990.JPG


Something that I haven’t really been into is accessories. Recently, I decided to treat myself and get a couple of things. I discovered that they can really bring together your outfit! Specifically, a hair scarf! I got this hair scarf scrunchy from PacSun and it was $10.  It is super cute and gives you the really cute messy bun look. I also found this cute choker, this cute necklace and these earrings. I recommend that you invest in a few accessories if you are getting bored with your outfits.


Those are all of my favorite summer clothing pieces that you NEED! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Please like, comment and subscribe to see more of my posts!                                                                                                – Briana

Question: What is your go to summer outfit?


13 thoughts on “My Summer Clothing Essentials :)

  1. Jean jacket is my all time fave Summer item of clothing! I’m from the UK and although it’s been in the 90s this week it’s not always that warm so it’s great to have! Great post, you look stunning in all outfits x

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  2. Them paper bag shorts were super cute – love that outfit! I’ve seen some paperbag trousers recently, and they look like they fit really nicely, I definitely need to try them out. Thanks for sharing, loved it!
    Nellé x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m a mom and dont have mom jeans. 😶 lololol I should get a pair though they’re so cuteee! And I bet Oregon’s weather is just as unpredictable as Washington’s. We havent had many hot days here, and a pair of jeans like these would be great. Also love those paper bag shorts. Never knew they were called that. 🤣 as you can see I dont really know much about fashion haha
    Great post! Nicole brought me here!

    Liked by 1 person

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