Tips to help anxiety

Hey everyone! If you read my Life Update 6 post, you would know that I was having a hard time with anxiety for a few days. Anxiety isn’t something that I normally struggle with, but it can get bad sometimes. Anyways, I am going to be sharing some tips that really helped with my anxiety. Also, I would just like to add that it has improved since then. I hope you learn something to help you, but first, please subscribe!



The first thing that honestly helped me the most was to pray. I took the time to speak with God and it made me feel peaceful. Just time where you can be with your thoughts si helpful. Also, reading the Bible, doing a Bible study or just looking and quotes about the Bible all helped me a lot. Right now I am working on praying if I have a problem and going to God first and it amazed me at how much it helped.


Being out in nature was something that I did quite frequently. Going on a walk with my dog was also really calming to me. I liked to go with someone so that I could talk and I wouldn’t be left with my thoughts, but if you want to be along, that is nice too. I like to walk somewhere where there is a nice view to kind of distract me for a while, but being outside is still great.


Reading was something that helped me a lot. I liked to go outside and read in the sun. Reading helped distract me for a while. Right now I am reading Jurassic Park and it is so good. Find a good book to read and sit down for a while, it is really relaxing.



If you aren’t the type that gets distracted easily, exercise might be super helpful for you. I would only exercise if you feel like it, don’t push yourself too much or you will feel worse. For me, I liked to sit down and watch something while I worked out. You can also go on a run which is pretty distracting because I can’t breath when I run lol. If you want to do something more gentle, do something like yoga, or meditate.


Listening to music helps me so much! I like to listen to literally anything, pop, worship music, musical music lol. Going for a drive and listening to music is super relaxing to me. Music can also help to distract you when you are doing something. If you have chores to do, listen to music.


I know most of this post is about distracting yourself, but sometimes it is helpful for me just to think about whatever is causing the anxiety. Sometimes I will get used to the idea and it will help. Obviously this depends on the person, but it helps me. I know that my anxiety was caused by doing something new, so the more I thought about it, the more I got used to the idea.



Watching tv really helps me. Find a great show or movie and sit down with someone or alone and spend some time relaxing and watching that. I also like to rewatch TV shows whenever I need something to do. There’s not much to say about this one even though it is super helpful for me.


Talking to someone can help calm your anxiety a lot. I know it may sound scary but it helped me. Whether it is talking to a friend, family member or therapist, it has been helpful to me.


Something that is super important is what you eat! Make sure you are eating, because if you are like me, it can be hard to remember to eat when you feel anxious. Also, don’t over eat if you are prone to that. Make sure that you are eating something that is good for you. Don’t drink coffee or eat sugar because that will 100% make you feel worse. Also, do some research about certain foods or drinks that can help anxiety. I like to drink a calming tea sometimes.


take a break

If you are able to, take a break from whatever is causing the anxiety. Just take a step back, this helped me quite a bit. If you aren’t able to take a break from what’s causing you anxiety make sure you take time to relax and take time to yourself. Also, resting is super important as is making sure you get enough sleep.


Crafting can be super relaxing and therapeutic. Something that I like to do is to make friendship bracelets with embroidering thread. Painting, drawing, playing an instrument, coloring, gardening, or really doing anything crafty can help you feel calm.


Lastly, scrolling though Pinterest is really fun for me. It is nice because it isn’t really social media. You can look at inspirational quotes like the one below and also set goals and get some great inspiration from it.



Writing helps me so much. Whether it is writing out your feelings as a journal entry or just doing some creative writing, I love it! I love to listen to some calming music and write for a while before I go to bed.


*I would just like to say that I am not a doctor, therapist or psychologist. I am only sharing tips from my own experience. Please don’t take this too seriously.*

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that these tips maybe helped you in any way. Please like, comment and subscribe to see more of my posts.                            – Briana

Question: Are there any other tips that you have to help anxiety?



8 thoughts on “Tips to help anxiety

  1. These are some amazing and practical tips that would be use for so many people. I need to put some of these to practice because my anxiety has been flaring up again. I need to pray more and have much more quiet time with the lord as I know how much that helps my mental health. I’ve been doing much more reading and being in nature which is helping. Thanks for sharing your experiences and also your tips!
    Alex xx

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  2. Firstly, thank you because I needed this. Currently not in a good mental state at all and there’s no reason either! These tips absolutely help agreed! Also strongly believe as you mentioned that talking to someone you trust helps a lot. Saying out loud how you feel can lift the burden off.. excellent post mate!🙂👌🏼

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