Vacation Outfit Inspiration!

Hey everyone! If you haven’t heard, I am going on a trip to Alaska in only a few days and I still need to pack. I figured that I would show you guys some of the inspiration I am drawing from for some of my outfits on the trip. I scrolled through Pinterest and found some great outfits. Before I start, don’t forget to subscribe and also enjoy! Also these images are not my own.


Ok, so the first outfit is this one. I feel like I will be wearing something similar to this a lot of the times. If you are traveling somewhere that isn’t going to be super sunny or really hot, mom jeans are perfect. They are so versatile with the weather. Also, Birkenstocks are super comfortable and great for walking.


Next, this outfit with a sweatshirt and shorts. I love to wear a sweatshirt with shorts because you will stay warm, but also look summery, especially if you are going somewhere a little cooler like Alaska. The black vans also look super cute.


A cardigan over a tank top is such a great idea because it can be warm or also cool if it starts to warm up. I feel like layering pieces is such a great idea for a vacation, especially if the weather is a little unpredictable.


As I said above, mom jeans are a must. I think they look super great and are also really comfortable. I love the look of them with a simple black turtle neck. This is a great look if it is going to be cooler. I have a light turtle neck that I will definitely be packing.


Like I said above, I love the look and feel of shorts with a sweatshirt or crewneck. I also love the color of this sweatshirt because of how summery it is. I am going to be packing my Haley Pham merch, which is such a nice yellow color and is also super cozy.


Lastly, a tank or tube top with a jean jacket. If you haven’t seen my Fashion Essentials post, I talked about how much I am loving my new jean jacket. I think that this is another great way to layer a tank top in a way that is super versatile with the weather. I would probably wear this with leggings so that it is extra comfortable. I also love the look of the simple necklaces.

That is all of the outfit inspiration! Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to my blog!                                                            – Briana

Question: Where are you going or where have you gone on vacation?

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