My Vacation To Alaska! (beautiful pictures)


Hey everyone! I recently went on a cruise to Alaska so I figured that I would use this as my next life update. My grandparents actually took me along with them, so it was just me and them. I am going to be sharing some pictures with you as well as some facts and explaining the trip to you. The facts will be marked with this: *  First, please subscribe to see more of my posts and enjoy! 🙂



The first stop along the cruise was Juneau, Alaska. In Juneau we took a tour to Mendenhall Glacier. It was a really big glacier about 20 minutes away from downtown Juneau. I got some really nice pictures of it.

*the ice at the front that you are seeing is about 200 years old


We also got to see 3 wild bears along a trail that we took. It was a mom and two cubs. They were catching salmon along the stream.

*bears find female salmon and eat their eggs instead of the meat


Before we left Juneau I convinced my grandpa to go with me up to the steepest Tram in the northwest. It was so beautiful and also fun for me because I like heights lol. You can see our ship, Juneau and also an amazing sunset.

Hubbard Glacier


We stopped at Hubbard Glacier and the ship slowly rotated to let everyone see. It was really cool to see.


*ice kept falling off the side of it, which is called calving, since it was such a sunny and nice day.



When we were leaving the glacier I took really pretty pictures of the water beneath the boat. I am using it as my lock screen, so I thought I would share these two with you. 🙂

SUPER Embarrassing


Now for a really embarrassing story that happened on the trip. Ok, so I was waiting in line to get a salad and this boy was standing behind me. I will write out the conversation for you, so you can understand.

him: Hey, were you the one at the glacier the other day?

me: What?

him: Were you the one at that glacier the other day?

me: um, yeah I was at the glacier.

After that he just asked if I liked it and I said yeah it was cool. We probably spoke to each other for a total of 1 minute. I saw him one more time after that. Then, my grandparents were sitting on either side of me while we were eating lunch. He walked over handed me a note and walked away. It said hmu, with his number and Instagram. I was so embarrassed!



Next up on the cruise was Sitka. We didn’t actually do much in Sitka because of the weather. My grandparents worked in a church there a few years ago, so we spent most of the time at the church talking with some of their friends.


It was cold and rainy there, but we did get to go watch some Russian dancers. They were actually all women who were older and had kids. They were pretty good, especially for their age.

Sea Sick

Now, for the not so great part of the trip. Once we got back on the ship and left the port at Sitka the captain told us that there would be 15ft waves and gale force winds. I was actually pretty excited for this, especially since I hadn’t been sea sick the whole trip.

Anyways, my grandma and I wanted to go up to the 9th floor to see if we could feel the waves better. It was so fun, because we could hardly walk straight it was swaying so bad. We went up there (the food level) and played cards for a while. Both my grandma and I ended up feeling so sick and we hurried back to the room.

I quickly took some sea sickness medicine but it didn’t work very well. We ended up both laying in bed feeling miserable for the rest of the night, but eventually later on I started to feel better.



The last stop in Alaska was Ketchikan and this one was probably my favorite. It was raining there but it was really cute.


It is a small town that has a river running through it. There is like a board walk along the buildings which you can see in the picture.


There were also a lot of seals catching salmon there. They were so adorable!



The last stop before we got home was Victoria, Canada. It was so pretty there, I loved it! We visited Buchart Gardens there which was also beautiful. There were so many different kinds of flowers and plants. We also drove around Victoria at night which was amazing!


That was my amazing trip to Alaska! I had so much fun and I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend with my grandparents and the fact that I was able to go. Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!             -Briana

Question: Did you travel anywhere this summer?


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