Fashion Wishlist (back to school edition)

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be showing you some inspiration and my wishlist for back to school fashion. I know Tuesdays I normally post a life update, but today is a special back to school edition! I am a college student, so I am all about comfort, but I also like to look cute sometimes (keyword, sometimes) lol. These are all looks from Pinterest. Before I start, don’t forget to subscribe to see all of my new posts and enjoy!


Ok, for some reason I have an image of me wearing a dress for the first day of school. I am normally not a dress type person, but I really love how these dresses look. They look really comfortable and also cute/casual.


Next, the classic mom jeans. Mom jeans are super comfortable and also I think they look so cute. They are perfect for school. I feel like this outfit is also so easy to style. All you need is a pair of mom jeans and a cute T-shirt.


I wear athletic clothes to school a lot of the times. This year I am also going to be working out at my college, so I will need some athletic clothes. I don’t normally branch out with colors and I stick to blacks and grey. Athletic clothes are easy to style and also the most comfortable thing.


Since it is still warm where I live I loved this outfit. It gives you a way to incorporate a tank top or tube top in your fallish outfit. I also love cardigans because they are super versatile and perfect for unpredictable fall weather.


This is an outfit that I found myself wearing quite a lot last fall. A super comfortable white turtle neck sweater is a must! I also love these yellow vans that I have as well, they are so bright and great to add a pop of color to a simple outfit.


Sweaters are my favorite! They are so cozy and looks fashionable! I really love chunky sweaters like this. They are an essential for fall and winter outfits. I could probably spend thousands of dollars just on sweaters for this year.


Even though I like to look put together most of the time, I definitely love to wear a big sweatshirt and just be solely comfortable. I like the look of this big and cozy champion sweatshirt.


Lastly, since it is still warm here I will be wearing shorts. Sometimes when you have class in the morning it is nice to wear a sweater and shorts. I can imagine that I will be wearing something like this quite a bit in the beginning of the year.

Those are some of the things that I want to get for back to school. I know a lot of you probably already started college, or whatever you are in, but I don’t start for another two weeks (yay!!!!). Thank you so much for reading! I would really appreciate it if you liked this post, subscribed to my blog and also leave a comment down below! 🙂         -Briana

Also, if you are going back to school I wish you luck! It will go great!

Question: Which outfit was your favorite?

11 thoughts on “Fashion Wishlist (back to school edition)

  1. In the past I didn’t wear athletic clothes often but these last few years it’s become 75% of my wardrobe just because it’s so incredibly comfortable lol Today’s athletic wear is much more fashionable than it used to be

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  2. These are some great outfit ideas. When I was in college my outfits were very comfy – often jeans and a hoodie! I love the cosy chunky jumpers (sweaters) you’ve picked out.

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