September Favs + Life Update

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be doing a chatty post where I talk about some of the things I loved during the month of September and also a little life update at the end. My life has been super crazy lately, so go check that out to hear about it. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to see more of my posts (and to make my day 😉

*most images not my own



I don’t normally wear a ton of jewelry, but lately I have been obsessed with bracelets. I got a cute pack from Tilly’s and they go great with everything. They are also comfortable to wear, which is great.


Milk Makeup Stick Foundation

First up, a new makeup product that I tried out. I haven’t tested out a makeup product for a while, so I was pretty excited! Anyways, this is $36 which is pretty pricey, but it is so nice. It is super smooth and also blends really easily. I also like that it has good ingredients, so it’s not bad for your skin.


Shane Dawsons New Series

Shane Dawson just started a new series with Jeffree Star and it is all about the beauty industry and Jeffree Star’s life. It is so interesting so far and it is produced so professionally. Even if you aren’t a fan of Jeffree, it is still super interesting.



I just got a cute new vest from Gap and it is so useful! It is white and goes with everything. It looks cute with long sleeve tops, flannels, sweaters, sweatshirts or exercise shirts. I think it is definitely wear it so much through out the fall and winter. The one I have isn’t fuzzy, but this is just an example from Pinterest.


The Maze Runner

If you haven’t read the Maze Runner, what are you doing?! It is my favorite book and I am always obsessed with it. Right now, I am re-reading it because it is so good. I guess this favorite is also just re-reading some of my favorite books.



IMG_2104 3

New York

For some reason, I just became obsessed with New York. It is a dream of mine to be able to travel there, especially in the winter or fall. It looks so beautiful there and I love how busy it seems. If you have traveled there, let me know if you enjoyed it!



Even Then – Micah Tyler

Teeth – 5 Seconds of Summer

Well Done – The Afters

Memories – Maroon 5

Easier – 5 Seconds of Summer

I Forgot That You Existed – Taylor Swift


Ok, so now for some of my crazy life…


I started school about 3 weeks ago and so far it has been chaotic to say the least. I am taking anatomy and physiology, interviewing and interrogations and also a humanities class. A and P has definitely been the hardest because it has a lab as well. The rest of my classes have been ok, but A and P has been keeping me busy. I have not had much time for anything other than school and work.


I have been working at the gymnastic gym for about 2 weeks now and I have been loving it. It is so much better than any other job for me, because it is basically like teaching a dance class (which I have done for free!). Right now I am still being trained, so I am working on spotting kids and learning how to correct them. Everyone there is so sweet and helpful.



My mom actually started a business where she re-does furniture and sells it. We have a local fair like thing, where a bunch of vendors come together to sell all of their creations. It was today and tomorrow. So far, it is going pretty good. We are helping there all tomorrow, but it is fun for me to help her. Let me know if you think she did a good job with her stuff.



Something that I have been working on lately is having confidence! This is so important and I am definitely doing better at it. Just remembering that first, it doesn’t matter what other people think of me and second, that I am awesome and created my God perfectly!

feeling weak

I just wanted to talk about something really quickly. We all have our battles and to be honest, they are what makes us better people. Each struggle we go through helps to shape us. Keep that in mind when you are struggling.


Something that I have been thinking about is how the Devil targets your mind. It is a vital way that humans are weak, which is what makes it a perfect target. Remember to pray and focus on God’s word through out your hard times.


I also saw this quote on Pinterest and it really spoke to me. God doesn’t just put mountains in your path to shape you, but to help others. You never know how your life affects others. Maybe you have been assigned to these mountains to show others that it can be moved.


Lastly, something I recently realized is that we spend so much time consumed in our appearance that we don’t focus as much on our inner beauty. Not just our appearance, but also earthly things like clothes, cars, money, etc. I love this quote because it is so true! We can’t look to God for peace when we look to the world for our source of satisfaction.

Thanks for listening to my rambling post. I hope that you have a great day and know that you are greatly appreciated by me! Please like, comment and subscribe! See you next Friday! 🙂                                                                                                           – Briana

Question: Where is one place you would like to travel?

6 thoughts on “September Favs + Life Update

  1. Omg, I have a weird obsession with watching Jeffree Star. I find him to be hilarious, down-to-earth and just honest. It could be totally for the cameras, but I enjoy it!

    I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand!

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