Vegan Meal Ideas

Hey everyone! Today I am going to show you some vegan meal ideas! I am not vegan, however I am allergic to dairy and beef. Since I avoid these foods, I do eat vegan sometimes. I decided to combine some of the meals I would normally eat to show you! Before I start, don’t forget to subscribe and enjoy! 🙂

*most images not my own*




For the first breakfast item I am showing you my shake. This is super easy to make and fast for the morning. It is also really tasty and good for you. I use the Vega chocolate protein powder to add some nutrition. I also add in a banana, stevia, cacao, coconut almond milk, and ice. Blend this up and you have an easy and delicious breakfast.


English Muffin

If I am in the mood for something more filling I will always go for an English muffin with peanut butter on top. Make sure to get the extra crispy English muffins (because they are vegan). I love this breakfast so much!


Protein Bar

For most of the time I am lazy with breakfast and I just have a protein bar. I love the RX bars (especially peanut butter). I also like the snickerdoodle or peanut butter flavored Lenny and Lary’s complete cookies.



Spicy “Chicken” Sandwich

For lunch, one of my favorite meals is a spicy vegan chicken sandwich. This is super fast to make as well. I use some spicy vegan chicken patties that can be microwaved quickly. I love to toast some bread, put some onions and BBQ sauce on it and then the chicken patty. It is so good and tastes like chicken.



Sometimes I am in the mood for some snacks for lunch. If that is the case I will have a lot of random things including, chips with hummus, peppers, peanuts, chocolate almond milk, vegan yogurt, peanut butter pretzels, any kind of fruit, and maybe a protein bar. I also wanted to add this nutty pumpkin spice bread that I found at Walmart from the brand Base Culture (it’s in the frozen section). THIS ISN’T VEGAN, but it is dairy free, so I wanted to include it. It is amazing and has great ingredients for certain diets (dairy free, it’s paleo, etc.) Trader Joes has some other options for festive bread that is vegan.



Stuffed Pepper

Something that I had the other day was a stuffed pepper. There are recipes online, but it is basically a bell pepper that is stuffed with fake beef (lol), and some spices and tomatoes. It tastes better than it sounds. The fake beef, or vegan crumble that I used actually tasted better than beef.


Mini Corn Dogs

Usually I will have whatever my mom makes for my family, but a dairy and beef free version, but sometimes she won’t make a special one for me and I will have to find something. Normally I will go for a frozen meal. These are so good! They taste so much like actual mini corn dogs and are pretty easy to make!


Bean Burger

One of my favorite vegan meals is a spicy bean burger. Be careful though! A lot of bean burgers have dairy in them. I love these burgers cooked up on the stove and then with some onions, BBQ sauce and on toasted bread! This would also taste great with so many other toppings.

Those are some of my favorite vegan meal ideas! I hope these helped you out! Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!                – Briana

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