My super exciting announcement – The Grace Project


Today I am announcing a new project that I am very excited about! If you read some of my more recent blog posts you would have seen that I was feeling kind of burnt out on the content that I was creating. I felt like some of the topics I was writing about were pretty superficial which isn’t bad, but I want to do good with my blog.

I was recently inspired by a sermon at my church to start this project… the Grace Project! Basically what this is is a way to encourage you to help certain charities and also make it a bit easier for you to do so. So, what is it? Each month I will be choosing one charity (or maybe something else) that you can donate to. I will share a bit about each organization and why I chose it as well as provide links for you to learn more.

With each charity you can donate money or other items in order to help them. It does not have to be a large donation at all but I know that anything helps these organizations. Think about it, if a large group of people donate even a dollar, it adds up. This also will be continuing after the holidays but it is especially important that we help others during this cold and sometimes lonely season for some.

Lately I have felt called to help out by giving back and I wanted to include you all. Giving back not only helps others (more than you realize), but it also is just a good thing for you to do. The Lord asks us to give back a certain percentage of our money that we make in order to do good which is what this project is about. I don’t want you to think that this is all about money either, even donating old clothes helps!

I just wanted to share a quick story that my pastor shared this morning that encouraged me. Our church has an annual cold clothing drive and he was looking through his closet for things to donate. He saw a coat that he never wore that had been for his daughters old soccer team. It was basically new, so he didn’t want to part with it but he felt like God was telling him to donate it, so he did. A while later he was driving down the road and he saw a couple people who appeared to be homeless and one of them was wearing the jacket that he donated. He got choked up just talking about this and spoke about how he felt so incredibly humbled because of that situation.

I hope that this encourages each of you to join me in donating just a small amount to some great charities to great causes and also inspires you to live with grace for others. The world can get discouraging sometimes and I try to bring some grace and love whenever I can. I am going to be posting post tomorrow about how you can give back during the holidays with some other ideas as well. I hope that at least one of you feels called to join me! Thank you so much for reading and look out for another Grace Project post!

17 thoughts on “My super exciting announcement – The Grace Project

  1. I love this so much! I am always looking for ways to give back. It’s hard sometimes to know where to start. What organization to help out.
    But like you said, God commands us to love (help) others and the Grace Project sounds like a great place to start.


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