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Hey everyone and welcome to or welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be talking about why you should give back this season and some ways that you can give back. This is such an important topic and I feel like we can all do better at this. Before I get into this don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of my Christmas posts.


I also just want to add that this is part of the Grace Project which is a new project that I just launched. It is all about giving back and spreading love and grace. If you want to know more about this click here.

This festive season is most of our favorite times of the year, but not for everyone. This time of year can be very painful for some people who are struggling. Whether they are homeless, broke or don’t have a family or anything else, it can be difficult. This should serve as a reminder that each of us are lucky and more fortunate than some others.

It took me a while to start to think like this and something I read in the Bible made me realize what God is calling us to do. This also does not have to be a religious thing, giving back is important despite whether you are religious or not. Anyways, I was reading about how God wants us to donate some of the money we make, whether it is to the church or charity.

The point of this post is to encourage you to give back in some way this season. I am going to list some ways you can do this down below but first I want to make something clear. Your reason of giving back should not be to make yourself look good or feel good. It  should also not be because you think doing so would please the Lord. You should give back because you want to help others. It is also easy to dismiss giving back because you don’t have enough money. You are not alone, I am sure tons of people think that way but there are free or cheap ways to give back as well. Ok, so now into how you can give back:


Food is something that is super cheap to buy. Especially during this time of year, food banks and shelters are looking for food items for the holidays. I know one homeless shelter near me cooks a Thanksgiving meal for people and ask for donations. The items that they need are normally pretty cheap, things from ramen noodles, soup to Jello. This makes it easy and simple to just pick up a few items when shopping for yourself.


Giving your time is free and just as helpful as something you can buy. If you really can’t afford to buy anything at all donate your time to a charity. There are tons of charities that need volunteers. You could help work at a food bank, at a shelter or anywhere else. Even animal shelters need help (if you are an animal lover like me).

random kindness

You don’t just have to be helping the less fortunate. Many people struggle during this time and simple random acts of kindness go far. Paying for someone behind you in the drive through can mean a lot to people. Tipping someone a bit more than you normally would is also another thing you can do. Basically any act of kindness, even just complimenting someone works!


Something that my parents have demonstrated to me is the importance of talking to people. Homeless people often get a bad rep and people tend to avoid them which would be hard to deal with. I have seen how touched people can get if you just speak with them or even say hi or smile. Taking a minute this season to speak with someone and wish them a merry Christmas can make their day. Hearing their story and praying for them can really touch both you and them. Another idea is to visit with those who may not have a family. This could include going to a nursing home or visiting a veteran. A lot of people are very lonely during this time of year, so having a conversation with them and bringing them some cookies would really make them feel loved.


There are a lot of charities that look for supplies or clothing items during this time of year. It tends to get cold and they need coats and warm things as well as hygiene items. Whether you can afford to buy a couple of coats or just a tooth brush, any donation is helpful and touched someone.

Christmas child

I heard about Operation Christmas Child through my church. Basically, before the holiday season gets into full swing they have tons of people pack a shoe box full of small gifts for children who wouldn’t normally get a present. It means a lot to these kids and it also provides them an opportunity to learn about Christ. This Thursday is actually the last day you can give a box. If it is too late this year you can always make a donation or put it on your calendar next year.

give blood

I was reading an article about how to give back and I saw this idea. This is such a great idea that we wouldn’t normally think of. Many people are sick and suffering during the holidays. You can give blood (for FREE) and help someone out. This is something that is so important to people, yet we don’t do it enough. It’s crazy to think that you could actually save someone’s life, talk about a free gift!

help another family

I know that some churches and organizations allow you to adopt a family for Christmas. This means that you get to help them financially during Christmas time so that they can buy presents for their family. This is such a great way to give if you have a little extra money. It is also a great way to teach your kids about giving.

animal shelter

Not only do people need things during the holidays but animals do as well. Bring some food, toys, or supplies to your local animal shelter. Giving a small donation is helpful as well. We can’t forget about the animals without homes during Christmas either. Another way you can help is to volunteer at your local animal shelter. You can walk the dogs, give all of the animals attention and just help out.

give to the troops

A large group of people that sadly can be forgotten are our troops that are working to keep us safe. I heard about an organization called Any Soldier that helps to send our troops packages during the holidays. This is a cool organization because the soldiers can ask for things that they need, so it feels pretty personal.

give something up

Sometimes you have to sacrifice things in order to give. Try to give something up in order to give. Maybe sell something you don’t need and donate the money. Another idea if you have kids is to have them sacrifice one present and donate a little money. Then, let them choose what charity they want to donate to. This is a great way to teach kids to give.


Lastly, for those of you that may not struggle with money giving a donation to a charity is super helpful. There are so many great charities out here so I wanted to provide a couple of links for you with different charities: some ideas, more ideas. Also, don’t forget that any amount of donation is helpful to these charities because it all adds up!


I hope this encourages you all to give back this season. Also, I will be posting a Grace Project Charity post soon, so follow me so you don’t miss it. Thank you so much for reading!                                                                                                                         – Briana

Question: Have you done any of these things before?


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