Christmas Bucket List!

Merry Christmas everyone! Today I am going to be showing you my Christmas bucket list with tons of fun and festive activities for you to do this holiday season. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss any of my other great Christmas posts and enjoy!


Tell me that ice skating in a place that looks like this doesn’t scream Christmas. Go with a friend to an ice skating rink and enjoy the struggle lol. I did this last year and it was honestly so fun!


Trying festive Starbucks drinks is so fun! I haven’t tried any of this years drinks, but let me know if you have and which ones you like.


Obviously, decorating the Christmas tree has to be on this list. Put on some Christmas music and have fun with your family or just by yourself!


Driving around and looking at Christmas lights is fun and free! If you put on your pajamas and grab some hot chocolate it is super festive and cozy. Some places have cool displays like this one that you can pay a small amount for and just drive through.


Something that I am going to do this year is have a cookie decorating party! Invite your friends over (maybe even for a sleep over) and have some fun decorating Christmas cookies.


I am so excited to decorate my room for Christmas this year. I am going to be putting up a post soon because I am going all out this year!

37F31E46-C25E-46EC-9C15-0EB762131D34 2.JPG

Decorating ginger bread houses is great for the people who like to stay at home and be cozy. Make it a competition or just have fun with family, friends, or by yourself.


Something I really want to try is snowboarding or skiing. I have bad knees, so snowboarding sounds better to me. Nothing is more relaxing than being on a calm and snowy mountain.

IMG_2835 2.JPG

I love these cookies. AND a plus, they taste great and are super easy to make. I am always a fan of Christmas treats, so these are definitely on my bucket list.


Something free and fun is just playing in the snow! I love to do this with my sister no matter how old I am lol. If you have a dog, they will most likely enjoy this as well! Snap some cute shots of you all too.


Shopping at Bath and Body Works for some great and festive smelling goodies is so fun. It is so hard not to spend all of your money there, but I will still be shopping a little bit there this year.


Something that always sounds great is just curling up on the couch with a cup of tea or hot cocoa and watching a Christmas movie. Let me know some of your fav Christmas movies in the comments. I love literally all of them!


If you are trying to get that content or just want to for fun, have a cool winter or Christmas themed photo shoot. I think this is super cool in the snow, but even inside by the Christmas tree would be cool with lights.

Those are some of the amazing Christmas activities that I want to do this season. I am super excited for all of the Christmas posts to come, so make sure to subscribe as to not miss them. Thanks for reading and merry Christmas!                                            – Briana

Question: What is something you really want to do this Christmas season?




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