Decorating my room for Christmas


(see my cat in the corner lol) HI

I kid you not, I have been looking forward to decorating my room for so long! I have been planning this out forever and I am so excited for this post. I love decorating and it was so fun to decorate my room. Before I start, number one don’t judge how messy my room was before and also subscribe so you don’t miss my other Christmas posts!

Ok, so first the before pictures. I wanted you all to see how gross my room was before lol.

fullsizeoutput_b80.jpeg fullsizeoutput_b7a.jpeg

Ok, and now for the after pics. I love how my room turned out and it is so festive!


Ahh, it’s so cute and cozy! So, one of the main things that I got was this bedding. I got this from Target on sale ($35). It is super soft and the inside is sherpa. I also got the red blanket from Target on Black Friday ($10). My crafty mom made me the super cute plaid pillows.


I love how my window turned out as well. I got this garland from Target too ($10). I got these lights at Walmart for really cheap. Then I found that little flocked tree on the right from Target ($5). I also have a little garland that is rose gold and silver on the window sill. I got that from Michaels last year. Also it was snowy out!


I had to include this cute tree and garland. I got these things last year, but I think the tree was from HomeGoods.


Of course I had to have a Christmas tree (on the right). This one is actually alive and super cute. I got it from HomeDepot ($6) and I think it adds a lot to the festiveness of my room. You can’t forget about the Christmas candles and Christmas movie too.


I made this little wreath with a couple supplies from Michaels. Basically I bought a plain wreath and then a couple decorations. I also have that little read sign from a market near me.


If you look in the top right I actually made that joy sign. It is actually just two pieces of glass with a Christmas card in between. I’m not sure where I got the little red tree. I also added these fairy lights all the way around the border of my room. My mom found them for me on Amazon ($6).


Ok, isn’t this so cute! My mom made this for me. I love it and I love the boho vibe it has.


Lastly, I just draped some more garland around my mirror in order to spice it up a bit.

B33CBAF8-DB42-45DB-867F-5F5B8CAFC975.JPG 513E6A9F-285C-4646-82F2-D80DA779AD1C.JPG

I also thought you might enjoy seeing my animals enjoy the festivity of my room. They are too cute lol.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of my room. I love how cozy and festive it is 🙂 Merry Christmas… have a great day :))))                                – Briana


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