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It’s time for another Grace Project post! I’ve chosen another charity to donate to during the month of December and I am really excited/passionate about it. Before I start I just want to let you guys know that I didn’t donate to toys for tots (my last charity) because it wouldn’t let me. I will be donating that money to this charity to make up for that. Anyways, I really hope that this encourages you to donate with me for this Christmas season.

607FE824-E7EB-4A0A-B94B-B976DB3F047C 2.JPG

I chose the Animal Welfare Institute for December’s charity. I am sure you are an animal lover like me so I definitely wanted to donate to this one. There are quite a few reasons why I chose this charity, but one of them is because they have a great rating on charity watch. This means that they are pretty responsible and very transparent.


So, what do they do? You can check out their goals here but I am going to go through some of them. They are trying to get rid of factory farms and instead encourage smaller, family farms that treat animals so much better. They are working to preserve species that are going extinct as well as increase the treatment of ALL animals (including animals being transported, used for research, hunted, and horses like these). They are also working hard to keep companion animals safe from abuse and bad conditions.

6AA6BFA6-82D7-4E65-8564-5901193721F0 2.JPG

These are some great goals that I definitely want to support. I am very passionate about animals. They are helpless to fend for themselves and can be treated so cruel in this world. I have included some pictures of my own animals in this post but I wish everyone could be aware of how many animals are suffering. Your animals may be nice and cozy, but so many animals need help.

5A35970D-5348-49ED-9835-7AA37A428DA4 2.jpg

Anyways, I will be donating to this amazing charity and you should too! You can donate HERE with me. You can donate ANY amount, so even if you are tight on money give a little bit to help this season. I also want to make this clear that I am not benefitting at all from this or if you donate. This is solely to raise awareness for certain issues and great charities like this one.


Thank you so much for reading this and thank you so much if you donated 🙂 Even if you didn’t or can’t donate make sure to check out their website to see other ways that you can help them out. Be sure to let me know if you donated because it would make my day! Also, subscribe so that you don’t miss some of my Christmas posts and other Grace Project posts!                                                                                                              – Briana

Question: Did you donate or check out the website? What did you think?

Also, just a side note, I just donated!

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