Having peace in 2020

Happy 2020 to you all, I hope it’s been a good year so far. For me, it’s been kind of crazy. School has been so hectic and so many things have been happening lately. It is definitely going to be a year full of changes for me, but that can be a good thing. I have also come up with so many dreams and passions for me to pursue this year which is super exciting. Anyways, along with our chaotic lives it can be difficult to find peaceful moments or just peace in general. I wanted to talk a little bit about this and give you some ideas to find peace.


There are several types of peace that I will be focusing on today. There is peace with God, peace with yourself, and peace with others. All of these are super important, but peace with God is the foundation for the other types of peace. This is a feeling of completeness with God and your relationship with God. If you are looking to grow your relationship with God or just need some new ideas, you can read my post on how to get closer to God along with some habits to include in your everyday routines. Including God and prayer in your daily life is a fundamental element to help you achieve this.


Peace with yourself is very important to help you find peace in your life once your relationship with God feels complete. This includes mental health or any struggles you are feeling. We spoke about this in church the other day, but our pastor said that in order to tell if you have conflict with yourself you need to listen to your thoughts. In a world that is constantly in motion and filled with chaos it is important to take time to listen to your thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts are also very influential of our behavior. I am trying to be a more positive and mindful person this year by being conscious of what I am actually thinking.


Lastly, peace with others. For me, this is the easiest one, but for others I know this can be very difficult. Having peace with others not only brings you peace but can fulfill their life with some peace. This can mean something different for each one of you, but it can be something like forgiving someone, being kinder to someone, etc. Spend some time reflecting on this and see what or who you need to create peace with.

I wanted to add in some things that you can do to create peace in your life. There are so many things but here are some that really help me.

bible study

Spending time studying the Bible is not only such a great thing to do, but it is such a peaceful activity that will provide self peace and peace with God. Using a journaling Bible can be a great way to make this more of a fun or artistic activity.


As I mentioned above, some of us need to listen to our thoughts more. Being out in nature is also very peaceful for most people, so take a walk in silence. Try to listen to yourself and anything you are thinking about.


Meditation is another way to either listen to your thoughts or completely relax. There are many forms of meditation, but just breathing and focusing on your breathing can give yourself a nice peaceful break. I like to do this before the day starts in order to feel calm, peaceful and happy.


This one may sound very simple but just talking to someone about how you are feeling really makes me feel more peaceful. Talking through things is a great way for you to actually realize what you are feeling. Some of you, like me, either don’t have anyone to talk to or can find this difficult. If that’s the case, write down your feelings in a journal.


This is definitely a large and complex thing, but try to make your life peaceful. This can be something like making sure your room is clean so your life doesn’t feel cluttered. This can also be something like making sure your friends are contributing to some sort of peace in your life.

I hope this inspires you to focus on your peace through out this year. I would love to know things that you do to make your life more peaceful in the comments. If you liked this post, it would mean a lot if you subscribed to my blog to see more content like this 🙂 thanks for reading


Question: What do you do to create peace in your life?

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