January Favorites

Welcome or welcome back to my blog 🙂 Today I am going to be talking about some of my absolute favorite things right now. Lately I have felt very inspired with the new year and I want to share some things that are helping me.



Sadie Robertson –I have been making it a priority to watch or listen to content that will strengthen my faith. Sadie Robertson is so wise in so many ways and I love to listen to her sermons. She also has a YouTube channel, a blog, and a podcast where she speaks about her faith and life. I love to listen to her podcast on the way to school.


Journaling Bible – I recently got this journaling Bible that Cami actually recommended to me (read down below). I love it so much and have been using it non stop. I take some highlighters and colorful pens and go through it. It has a nice amount of space on the side so that you can make notes in it. It is such a great way to connect with God and enjoy what you are doing. I actually got this one from Amazon for pretty cheap and it is great quality. If you want to check it out or get one for yourself click HERE.

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Live your best life today (blog) – I stumbled upon this Cami’s blog while I was on Pinterest. She is so inspiring and sweet. I love reading her posts about faith and including faith in your life. She also takes great pictures that make the posts so enjoyable and fun. If you are looking for a great Christian blogger you should definitely check out her blog here!



Little women – I saw the Little Women movie a couple weeks ago and I love it. The cast is amazing and they did such a great job with it. Obviously, I love to write, so the story was not only inspiring in that way, but others as well. One of my favorite actors is Emma Watson and I thought she was very great in that role.


Music in the shower – If you don’t listen to music in the shower, do it! It really boosts my mood and makes me so happy. This one is kind of random but just turn on some tunes and vibe out in the shower.


Michael Crichton – Even though I don’t have much time for reading, I squeeze it in anyways. I have been branching out with the genre of books I read and I have stumbled upon some new favorites. I love Michael Crichton’s books and his writing style. Some of my favorites are Jurassic Park, The Lost World (Jurassic Park 2), and Next.

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Coffee shops – I never used to go to coffee shops to study or do homework but I have definitely gotten into that this quarter. I always feel more focused and productive while I am at a coffee shop for some reason. There is one near me that is a coffee shop and book store mixed. It’s super cozy and I will go there whenever I have a break to get some work done and grab a coffee.


Pinterest – If you are like me and want to stay off of social media more, head over to Pinterest. I love using Pinterest to inspire me and get so many great ideas about literally anything. They also have so many great quotes (see below) and Bible verses to just read when you feel like going on Instagram.


Paperback journal – I got this journal a while ago and I didn’t really get into it. Then, this year I started to focus on positivity and this came in handy. Basically, its a quick and easy guided journal. It has three questions for you to answer in the morning and then three for the night time. For me, I just fill out 5 of the 6 questions at night. I love how this makes you reflect on the day and feel grateful and positive. I really feel like this has helped me feel happier each day. I got this from amazon too, you can find it HERE for only $5.99.


Call me candid – Haley Pham and Lilly Ann just started a new podcast. I like Lilly’s Instagram account and Haley’s YouTube channel so I was pretty excited. I really enjoy listening to them just chat and somehow it is inspirational to me lol. They also talk about business stuff which is interesting to me.



Lululemon leggings – I always wondered about Lululemon leggings and whether they were really spectacular or not. Well, I got some for Christmas and I have been obsessed with them ever since. They feel like you are just wearing super soft tights and the waist band is so comfortable.


Hipster style – I would say that my style has kind of changed. I really like the hipster/boho looks that I see on Pinterest. They always look super comfy and carefree almost.


Emma Watson – I love Emma Watson as an actor and how strong she is. I don’t always agree with what she is saying, but she is definitely inspirational in the way that she stands up for what she believes in. I have been inspired by her beauty recently. She is naturally beautiful with or without makeup. I think it can be easy for us to see others that way and not ourselves. She also reads some interesting books.


Here are some of my fav quotes recently 🙂





PS. Just a heads up, the links are affiliated with Amazon. I’ve never done this before so I’m not really sure how it works. If you would like to purchase any of the items that I linked, it would be super cool if you used my links and helped me out! Thanks 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂


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