How to use Pinterest as a blogger

Ocean Blue Serif Pinterest Graphic

Hey 🙂 Today I am going to be sharing some things that I have learned about using Pinterest as a blogger. I thought this would be helpful for any new bloggers or bloggers new to Pinterest. If you have any tips that I didn’t mention let me know! Also, subscribe to see some of my other posts and enjoy!

business account

This is definitely the first tip that I would recommend! Sign up for a free business account vs a personal account. Using a business account gives you access to analytics for your pins and your account. You can see how many people viewed your pin, tapped on your pin, pinned your pin and more.

what content to use

humming bird 4

First, let’s start with the basics, what content should you put on Pinterest? It really just depends on the blog post you are directing traffic to. For example, if it was a blog post about some new makeup or a monthly favorites post, I would just post the pictures. It’s pretty simple, if the pictures on your Pinterest account draw attention then it will direct traffic to your blog post.

Creating A Travel Itinerary

Next, let’s say you are posting a recipe or about traveling to a specific destination, what then? For something like this, you definitely still should post the pictures that you included in your blog post. However, I would also include a collage or a specific pin such as the one above. This is a bit more informative about what your blog post is actually about. I use the app Canva to create pins and collages like this.

You can see the different types of people that these images would attract. Someone just scrolling through Pinterest might pin the top pin just because they like the picture. Someone else would pin the bottom pin if they were planning on reading the blog post later or using it for something.

post everything

Something that I have learned through using Pinterest is that people will pin what you don’t expect to do well. You should definitely post any pictures in your blog post despite what you may think of them. One of your least favorite pictures may be the most popular.


Pinterest is all about the photography, so making sure that your pictures look really good is important. Matching the aesthetic or look of Pinterest can make a difference. For me, I like to edit pictures with vsco because that is what my followers pin the most. If vsco isn’t for you, then try to do a few simple edits.

pinterest activity

I have read that other bloggers like to post mainly their content on their boards and not do much other pinning on Pinterest. I kind of think the opposite. You will gain followers the more you pin and that is more people that will see your pins from the blog.

At the moment I get about 5M monthly views but I notice that drops if I don’t pin as much. So definitely try to pin some stuff on Pinterest other than your own content.

think about the pins

Make sure when you are writing your blog post, and taking and editing the pictures that you are thinking about this being on Pinterest. Make sure the blog post would make sense to someone who is new to your blog. Also, think about what people might be into pinning. Instead of just posting pictures of you in a nice landscape, post some of just the landscape too.

how to pin

Here are the steps to pin directly from your blog website. Open the Pinterest app and press the plus at the bottom of your screen. Click on the globe and then type in your blogs url. Then click the red save button at top of the screen to save any pictures on that page. You can also scroll through your camera roll and link any pictures back to your blog post.

blog board

This is something that I haven’t heard much advice about. For me, I always post my blog post pins to a specific “my posts” board on Pinterest. If I have a pin that I love (maybe of my dog or the sunset) I will post it to one of my other boards. Something else you can do to make it easier for your followers is to create sections on your blog board. This makes it easier for people to find specific posts.

Overall, Pinterest is the number one thing that has helped drive traffic to my blog. I highly recommend you create an account and try it out! I hope that these tips help you out!


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