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Hey everyone 🙂 Today I am going to be doing an updated version of my blog post where I told you daily habits to help you get closer to God. If you want to read that post first, click here. I have learned so many new things that I wanted to share with you. If you are new and want to read some Christian and lifestyle content, definitely subscribe!

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In order to make reading the Bible a little more fun for me, I love to write in my journaling Bible. I have a crossway journaling Bible from Amazon that has spaces on the side to write or draw. I also am getting into doing some doodles and artwork on the sides with my favorite Bible verses. If you want the link to the Bible let me know and I can put it in the comments. I actually just ordered a new one, so if you want to see an unboxing follow me on TikTok @lizardmoment



The number one and most important thing, pray that God helps soften your heart and that he helps you through whatever you are going through. I love to pray before I study the Bible to help me understand what I am reading and really connect with it. Overall, prayer connects you to God and lets you speak directly to him about anything.



Find some worship music that really makes you happy or makes you feel super connected to God. I love to search through Spotify when I have time and find some upbeat worship songs. Find your favs and then create a worship playlist that you can listen to whenever you are driving or have some spare time you can spend with God.

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If you want a constant reminder of God’s love and wisdom, then post reminders in your room and places where you are a lot. I just printed out some cute pictures for my room to put on the wall where I normally do my Bible study. I also did some doodles and wrote some of my favorite quotes and Bible verses on some paper and then decorated my mirror. I struggle with body image a lot, so it helps to encourage me whenever I look in the mirror. You can also find a cute christian wallpaper for your phone, just something simple like that.

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I love to use Pinterest every single day! It is great for finding some inspirational quotes or Bible verses. I have a Bible board to post some Bible inspiration for art and journaling. I also have a Jesus board to post Bible verses or anything that inspires my faith. This is where I found some of the pictures that I have on my wall also.

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On top of doing just a fun bit of reading the Bible I also am doing a Bible study. I just started using the Bible Study by Zach Windahl. Not only does this help me study the scripture but it really helps me understand the background and what each book of the Bible is about. I highly recommend using this if you want to get a bit more info and understand each book.



I recently got into listening to podcasts. I mainly only listen to Sadie Robertson’s podcast, Woah that’s good podcast. She interviews a bunch of Christian people that you will get to know and love. It is a great way to kind of study different topics when you can’t read. She has also introduced me to some new Christian figures that have their own podcasts or books.



I just started keeping a prayer journal and… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I used to just prayer in my mind, but writing it out or saying it out loud is super helpful. Obviously, I am into writing, so that is what works best for me. I keep a journal with all of my daily prayers. Normally, I write one prayer a day in it at night time and it really helps me feel connected to God and clear my mind.



This one might be fairly obvious, but go to church! It is important to connect with others that share your faith and have that sense of community. There is something special about  worshiping with others in an environment like church.



Talking with others about your faith is a very good way to strengthen it. Talk with others or find some way to spread the word. For me, it is mainly through writing on this blog, but get creative! You could also be part of a Bible study group or just a group chat. ALSO! I have been wanting to start a group chat for Christian girls for a while now, so let me know if you would want to join!

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Lastly, obey God’s commands. If you are reading the Bible then you are learning what he calls us to do and commands that we don’t do. Make sure that you are listening to his commandments and be aware of your sins. Pray over your mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

I hope that this helped any of you! Let me know if you want me to pray for you or if you just want to chat 🙂 You can follow my Instagram here. If you want to keep reading some of my content definitely subscribe! Thanks for reading I love you guys ❤

16 thoughts on “Grow your relationship with God | Daily Habits

  1. This is amazing. I always see the bible journals and they always look so pretty but I am always too afraid to write in them and feel like I will mess them up. I have thought about making a prayer journal but I’m not really sure how. What are some of the things you write in yours, just for like an example? Do you just write things like i hope you keep my family well and things like that? Or do you write things like I want him to help me accomplish?

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    1. First, thank you so much for reading. I felt the same way with journaling in Bible’s but try to practice a little before hand. I like to use Pinterest to get ideas and I basically just try to copy the examples which makes it easier. For the prayer journal I start with writing about how I am feeling or any struggles I felt that day. For example, if you had kind of sad day, write that down and then ask him to lift your mood. I also think it’s important to write about things that we are thankful for, so for the day and family, etc. You can totally write about anything but I like to give thanks, ask for help, ask him to strengthen my faith, and ask God to bless my family and things like that. If you have any more questions feel free to reach out 🙂 Thank you for reading!


    2. I also use my prayer journal to write down some of my favorite verses so that I can look back at them.


  2. I just read this post, and honestly I feel pretty encouraged by it! I’d love to start posting more faith based things on my social medias. this made me feel more encouraged about trying to keep growing stronger in my relationship with God. Lots of things are changing in my life, and I want to rely on Him to help me with these changes, to grow as the person He sees me to be. So thank you for this blog! I followed it, and am excited to read more! It’s beautiful, aesthetic, and very inspiring! Keep it up, girl! I’ll pray this encourages other people too!

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