How I Bible Study + My Prayer Journal

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Hey everyone 🙂 Lately I have been doing some more faith related posts and I have been loving some of the comments! Just know that I always read and respond to your comments and they make my day! I love it when you guys ask questions or give me feedback. Anyways, today I am going to be showing you how I study my Bible and what my prayer journal is. If you haven’t seen my blog before, I post christian lifestyle content with some fun random stuff in between, so definitely subscribe.



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First of all, what Bible do I use? I get distracted easily, so I like to make my Bible studies fun while still absorbing the info and learning a lot. I love using journaling Bible’s because you can either draw on the sides or take notes. I got my journaling Bible from Amazon, you can get the same exact one here. This Bible is in the English Standard Version which works pretty well for me.

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Next up is the supplies! This is where it can get fun to customize how your Bible looks. I really like to use Pinterest or look at other examples of Bibles to create a design for my Bible. I use the Crayola super tip markers to doodle and highlight in my Bible, you can get the 50 count ones here. I love having so many fun colors to choose from. I use these pens which work fine but you can pretty much use anything. There are other things that you can use, like tabs and sticky notes, but you don’t have to have anything. Whatever works for you is great!!


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Ok, next up is the method I use. I actually study the Bible in 2 different ways, but the first is the most enjoyable. Before studying I will always pray! Ask God to help you understand his word. After that, I will choose a book of the Bible to study or a specific chapter. You can look up different chapters to start reading, but Mark, Psalms, Luke, John and Matthew are great places to start.

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I first start by reading through the section and highlighting anything that stands out. Next I learn more about what I am reading. A great place to find videos explains the Bible is on the Bible Project website. I also just search commentary for the chapter I am in and read about it. After you understand go through the word and highlight even more! You can use a color code method, like 3 different colors that mean certain things like what you need to do, inspiration, main people, important things, etc. I also like to take notes like crazy, on the sides and in my prayer/note journal I will talk about later.

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Normally, something would stand out to me so I always like to emphasize that a little more. I will either write a verse or phrase on the sides of my journaling Bible. It’s fun to get artsy with this so that it makes you happy every time you read it. Like I said, Pinterest has great ideas. Lastly, write a short prayer on a sticky note and stick it to the page you were studying. I think it’s cool that you can look back on what you wrote later on.

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The first method is great for digging into the Bible on a more personal and customizable level, but the second method is great just to learn about the Bible. I use the Bible Study from Zach Windahl. It is a one year study of the Bible and how it relates to you. I have learned a lot about the Bible and each chapter while using this. It is super simple! You read one chapter a week and answer questions. So far I have enjoyed it a lot! This method is also great if you don’t have quite as much time one day.


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Before you start your Bible study make sure that you are in a comfortable area where you can stay focused. I like to get a drink or grab some coffee before I start. I also think it is cool to have a specific area where you do your Bible study in your room. I put up some cute pictures where I do my Bible study to make it cute.

Also, put all of your Bible study supplies in a small bag so that you can take it wherever. It makes it a lot more convenient if you want to study outside (which I highly recommend).


What it is:

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I recently started a prayer journal and so far it has been really great. Obviously, I love to write so it is much easier for me to write down my thoughts in a journal. I also feel like it is a better way to pray so that you give your prayers some thought. So, how did I start my prayer journal? I got a journal from Walmart that was under $10, I found the same one at Amazon here. Next, I wanted to personalize it and make it a bit more fun. I went onto RedBubble and found some cool Christian/positive stickers. You definitely don’t have to buy a new notebook or stickers because it works just the same either way but I think it turned out really nice.

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What do I write in my prayer journal? You obviously write your prayers, but what does that really mean you write about? There are so many things that you can write about like your future, family, friends, something you are worried about, health, what you are thankful for, your sins, what you want/need, your faith, etc. For me, there are a couple main points that I always like to hit. First, I always write about what is on my heart which is most likely something that I am struggling with that day. It could be my faith, or my mood or my mental health. Whatever it is, talk about it briefly and ask for God’s help. Next, it is important to confess your sins and ask for forgiveness, but remember, the whole point is to be honest! After that I will pray for any loved ones, the world, a new opportunity, a situation, my future, anything like that and ask for him to bless them all. Lastly I always like to thank him for what he has given me.

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It is important to recognize the good that God has given you, like waking you up in the morning, your house, your pet, your phone, his love, his wisdom or sunny weather. There are so many things to be thankful for, so take the time to be thankful! Your prayer journal is all for your thoughts and conversations with God! I use it every night and as you can tell, I am super excited about using it and how cute it is!

Note taking:

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I use the same journal to take notes from my Bible studies. I like having a couple key supplies for everything. I like to get artsy with this as well, so I will do some doodles. On the top of the page I will write the verses that I am studying.

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On the rest of the page I write out any notes I have from the chapter I am reading. This can be a verse that stands out to you, something you need to work on, literally anything you want. I like to write out what I learn from the commentary online. A tip I would give is to write the verse you are referencing. This makes it so much easier to look back and find them!

That is how I Bible study and how I use my prayer journal! If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or follow me on Instagram here. You can also follow me on TikTok to see more Bible study content @lizardmoment. Thanks for reading 🙂

*Some links affiliated, but please use them if you do want to buy any of the same supplies I use!  🙂


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