What makes me feel closer to God

Hey everyone πŸ™‚ We all go through days where we either feel super close to God, or further away. I thought it would be helpful to give you guys some of the things that help me feel closer to God. These are great to try any day! I would be super thankful if you subscribed by scrolling to the bottom of this page and entered your email. Thanks and enjoy!

Be in nature

I recently went to the beach and it made me feel so close to God! It was truly an amazing feeling. There is something about being outside among all of the beauty that he created that makes you feel so much closer to Him. In Romans 1:20 it talks about how God reveals His divine nature and eternal power through His creation. If you are feeling distant from Him, maybe try doing your Bible study outside or even go outside to pray for a couple minutes. If you have got a bit more time, try going on a hike, going to the beach, going on a walk, or a bike ride. Honestly, being outside doing anything helps me realize the beauty of God’s creation.

Constantly seek Him

Even on days when we feel defeated, or tired, or doubtful, we still need to seek Him. There will always be good days and bad day, the important thing is to still act in faith on the bad days. God says that he loves those who diligently seek Him and that they will always find Him (Proverbs 8:17). He doesn’t say some will find Him, he says that he loves us and we WILL find him.

Worship music

For me, music can really influence my mood so worship music helps me feel closer to God. There are so many great Christian playlists on Spotify that you can look through to find your favorites. Turn on some worship music while you are cleaning or driving and just sing along! God loves it when we praise Him through music (Psalms 33:2-3). Even if you really don’t feel like it, do it, you won’t regret it!

Bible studies

I can honestly say that I learn so much and have grown through my Bible studies. Learning God’s word is one of the best ways to grow closer to Him. I have a post where I show you in detail How I Bible Study. It is also important that we apply what we learn to our lives. The Bible talks about how we are deceiving ourselves if we listen to the word but don’t actually do what it commands us to (James 1:22). Study your Bibles and then write down what you learn or things that you need to work on. The more we are like Jesus and the more we obey Him, the closer to Him we will be.

Quiet time

Honestly, quiet time is not my favorite. I always like to have music or a YouTube video playing while I am doing something, but recently I have realized the importance of quiet time. When your mind isn’t being stimulated it can focus on it’s own thoughts. It also clears your mind so that you can hear God. Doing some yoga or meditation is a great way to get quiet time. You can also go on a walk like I talked about earlier.

Speak to Him

Seriously, talk to God like he is a friend! Pray often or write down your prayers as if you are writing a letter. Make sure to confess your sins and ask for forgiveness. It is important to be real and honest. God already knows our hearts and what we are thinking, yet he still loves us (1 John 3:20). We don’t need to be afraid of judgement or losing His love, we just need to speak with him.

Focus on Him

I recently wrote a post that was centered around living for God instead of ourselves which covers this topic in detail. It is definitely something worth mentioning though! God doesn’t want us to get caught up in things that don’t matter, we have to solely focus on Him! You want your life to revolve around Him, not what we wear, or whether we are liked. There is such peace, joy and closeness to God when we surrender simple earthly things to Him.

Ask for correction

Lastly, ask for God to correct your ways. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out if we are living like God wants us to, so just ask. Say a prayer and ask Him to help you discover where you can grow. It is important that we are constantly seeking to be better. As we get rid of things that are feeding sin or pulling us away from God, we can return to Him. This can be a certain TV show, a habit, what we say, etc. Replace things that draw you away form God with things that help you get closer to Him! (Worship music, sermons, church, Bible, prayer, etc.)

I hope that this helped you discover some ways to feel closer to God. If you want to see some tips on how to grow your relationship with God read this post. Thank you so much for reading πŸ™‚


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