My Quiet Time Routine w/ God

Hey πŸ™‚ Today I am going to be sharing with you my quiet time routine. This is really time that I spend with God to connect with Him and grow in my faith. This is my dream routine and it is a goal for me to do this every day. Honestly, I just created the routine but it has helped so much already! During this routine I feel so connected with God and I learn so much. I highly recommend that you guys create your own quiet time routine with God too, or try out mine!


The first thing that I do is just sit in silence. I definitely do not spend enough quiet time with God, so that is what this is. When any worries come to your head, let them go and trust God. Try to focus on the moment instead of thinking about the past or future. You don’t want to push away your anxiety, but really think through your thoughts and what God is putting on your heart. Take this time to surrender your thoughts with God and to open your mind to Him. After sitting in silence for a while, prayer to close the silence. Thank Him for how he worked in you (or for anything else!) or just talk to Him. Whatever works for you, we are all a bit different! There isn’t a set time that I spend doing this, basically until whenever I feel like I should move on.


After I spend some time in silence, I open up my Bible. Personally, if it is sunny outside then I will grab a blanket and read my Bible outside. It is so important that we make time each day to read the Bible! I struggled with this for a while, but after praying that God would help me read the Bible and actually enjoy it, it got better! I tend to change my routine a bit each day. Some days I will just continue to read the Bible from any point and other days I will read the page that I will be studying later on. I will just read through and let it resonate in my mind. Whatever you are reading make sure you focus on it and ask God to help you understand and learn.

Bible study

Say a quick prayer before you start to study the Bible and ask that God reveal himself in what you are about to read. After you pray, start to study the Bible. I start by reading through the page (or more) that I will be studying. I always highlight anything that’s important, something I should do, or inspirational using a color code. Then I will use enduring word to understand the chapter a bit better. I also take a ton of notes in a journal that I can look through later. I have a journaling Bible, so after all of that I will write out any of my favorite verses, what I got out of the page, doodle or anything else! As you can see, this chapter had so much good info that I just had to write down!


After I have read and studied through a chapter or a page of my Bible it is time to take some time to journal. This really helps me reflect on what I read and take time to actually connect it with my life. I have a separate notebook where I answer a few questions after my Bible study. I got these amazing questions from Coffee and Bible Time’s YouTube channel. What stood out to me? What is penetrating my heart? What does this say about who God is and what he has done for me? How will the gospel change my life today? These are such great questions to answer after any Bible study! After I answer these questions I will also write down a favorite verse from what I read and maybe some personal notes for myself to look back on. Use this journal and answering these questions as a way to pray to God about what you read.


It is important to reflect on what we have learned. After I study the Bible, I reflect on the passage that I just read. You can take some time to reflect any way that you like or that works for you. I like to sit in silence, go on a walk, meditate on the word, or pray. Reflect especially on what you wrote down for the very last question because this will help you through out your day. You can also read through what you journaled or answered. This day, I sort of made a wallpaper to remind me of what I read. Whatever you do, think about what you learned, how God connected with you, a verse you are memorizing, or how you can apply what you read to your life. Don’t forget to thank God for what he has done for you and the love that he constantly gives us. Finally, end this time with prayer, thanking God and asking Him to guide you through out the day!

As you can probably tell, this quiet time routine does take some time but it is so worth it! This routine takes me anywhere from an hour to two hours. If I don’t get around to doing this whole routine I will at least study my Bible. Remember that this time is to connect you with God and set you up for the rest of the day. Grab a coffee and set up in a distraction free zone. I hope this helps some of you and I would love to hear if you try this out! Also, subscribe if you want to see my newest posts by entering your email down below. Thank you for reading and have a great day πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “My Quiet Time Routine w/ God

    1. Basically just clearing your mind and the sitting in silence while thinking of a verse or passage. It’s just meditating but on something Biblical πŸ™‚


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