My Bible Journaling Essentials

Hey guys 🙂 I know you guys love the Bible journaling content, so here are some of my Bible journaling essentials! Bible journaling is one of my favorite things ever and it really helps me grow in my faith. Bible journaling is a great way to make reading the Bible a bit more fun and artsy. I highly recommend testing it if you lack motivation to read your Bible. If you want to read more about how I Bible study, read this post.


Obviously the first thing you need is a journaling Bible. Journaling Bibles have space on the side where you can journal in the Bible which I think is really helpful. It’s nice to be able to write important things or things that stand out to you directly in the Bible. The Bible I use is the Crossway single column journaling Bible from Amazon. It is not super expensive and it works great for journaling!


I use the Signo uni-ball 207 pens for journaling in my Bible. These pens work great for pretty much anything, including writing in your Bible. They don’t bleed through the pages, but they also look great. I haven’t tried any other pens for journaling because I am super happy with how these work!


I love to make my Bible look really cute when I am studying and I also use a color code, so I need tons of different colors for highlighting with. I use two different things to highlight. The first is the Zebra mildliners. I bought a jumbo pack from Amazon that had a lot of different colors in it. These work great for highlighting or just doodling on the side. They have a bunch of different packs to choose from and they work really great. The other thing I use is the Crayola Supertips markers. I use these to highlight and doodle on the side as well. I got a big pack from Amazon for pretty cheap. Both of these don’t bleed through as long as you don’t press really hard, so I would definitely recommend.


When I am Bible journaling I take a lot of notes that don’t all fit in my Bible, so I use a journal to write them all down in. I also answer some questions when studying, so it’s nice to have a place where I can write everything down. I use a small black journal that you can get from Walmart or Amazon but any little journal would work fine. I like to have a small one that I can bring with me that will fit anywhere.


A little bonus item that you don’t need, but it handy is a little bag to carry around your highlighters or pens. It’s nice to be able to quickly grab your Bible journaling supplies if you want to do your study outside or somewhere else. I use a little makeup pouch that I found lying around, but a pencil pouch would work too. I put my sticky notes, pens, markers and highlighters in there and go!


Lastly, I wanted to recommend some resources that always help me with my Bible studies. Sometimes reading the Bible can be confusing, so these help me to understand the Word a bit better. I like to watch the Bible project videos before I start a new book. They explain the context and give a simplified version of what is happening in the book. Then each study session I use Enduring Word which goes through verse by verse. The combination of these two helps me understand what I am reading so much better!

I want to start leaving you guys with a quote that I really like, so here is this weeks 🙂

Those are all of my Bible journaling essentials! Let me know if you have any recommendations or if you use any of these. Also, make sure to follow my scrolling all the way down and entering your email. Thank you for reading ❤

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