5 Tips to Help Your Prayer Life

Hey 🙂 I know tons of you guys are looking for ways to get closer to God and one of those is through prayer! I wanted to give you guys some tips that really helped me with my prayer life and helped me get closer to God. Also, if you want to, subscribe to my blog my scrolling all the way down. I am having a giveaway on my Instagram so go check that out too!

1. How you are praying

You may not think it matters, but it does matter how you are praying. If you are praying right before you fall asleep as you lay in bed, it will not always be the most effective at connecting you with God. I used to do that, but now I kneel and bow my head on the floor. This is a great posture to pray in because it shows we are surrendering to the Lord. You want to be alert and in a good position for prayer.

2. Pray all the time

You may think that some prayers are too small for God, but they never are! God wants you to pray to Him about everything! Pray about something beautiful you saw, be thankful, speak to God about decision, worries or anything. The more you pray through out the day, the more you will connect things with God. So, try to pray more through out the day instead of just one or two set times.

3. Write them down

Something that really helped me was writing down my prayers. I use a prayer journal and I write in it kind of like a diary to God. I will tell him my worries, problems, hopes, and anything else in my journal. It really helps me to get my thoughts down on paper instead of just saying them in my mind or even speaking them out loud. It is also great because you can look back at previous prayers and reflect on how God has worked in your life.

4. Surrender yourself

When praying make sure that you truly are surrendering yourself to God. Let Him be in every part of your life and everything that you discuss in prayer. This means that you are also praying according to His will. It isn’t bad to ask for things, but remember to be thankful and ask things if they are according to His will. Take some time to reflect on your prayer, are you surrendering your whole life to God?

5. Pray according to the Word

Pray according to the Word of God! When you are more aware of scripture or have some memorized, it is easier to pray according to it. You will not only be more aware of God’s character, but also if what you are praying for is biblical. Take some time to memorize a verse that you think would be helpful to know. You can also pray over any verses if they apply to your life. I like to occasionally choose a passage from the Bible and just spend some quiet time with God thinking about it.


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7 thoughts on “5 Tips to Help Your Prayer Life

  1. I’m so awful about praying and I definitely need to be more intentional about it. I do have another suggestion. Along with praying all the time, I feel like praying while you have your first cup of coffee is a guaranteed way to make sure you’re talking to God.

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