Signs You Are a Lukewarm Christian

Hey guys šŸ™‚ I know that you have probably heard of a lukewarm Christian before but here are some signs that you might be one. Being a lukewarm Christian basically means that you have room to grow closer to God. You are kind of in between the world and God. No one is perfect, but I think it’s important to evaluate ourselves and grow. This isn’t meant to freak anyone out because we are all also guilty of these things, this is just a way to be more aware. If you do one of these things, ask God for forgiveness and learn from it. If you find that you do most of these things take some time to reflect and fix these problems. So, here are some signs that you may be a lukewarm Christian.

I also just want to say that you should definitely pray that God helps to strengthen you and helps you avoid partaking in any of these things. It can be difficult at times but He strengthens us!

You don’t surrender yourself to God

You may not even realize that you haven’t surrendered every part of your life to God. Are you holding something back? I can’t really tell you what to do for this one but really look at your life and see if every part of you has been surrendered to God. You may be letting God into some parts of your life, but hiding from Him in other areas.

Your faith is only at church

Hey, going to church doesn’t make you a Christian. Building a relationship with God takes time and energy that can’t be accomplished just by attending a church service every week or so. You should be spending time with God on the daily instead of relying on church for the title of being a Christian. Your faith should continue on through every hour of every day!

Habitual sin

We all sin, but continually partaking in the same sin isn’t something we should do. The Bible warns against habitual sin and this is something that we should work to avoid. If you are comfortable in habitual sin you need to check yourself out. Identify the sin, pray about it and work to get rid of it. The closer you get to God, the less you will want to continue on in your sinful lifestyle.

You pick and choose what to obey

One thing that makes me super sad is hearing Christians pick and choose what parts of the Bible that they like and will obey. That’s the thing, if you are obeying God, you obey the Bible. You don’t get to choose which things you agree with and which you don’t. When the Bible says we shouldn’t do something, don’t do it. This includes cussing, drinking excessively, hating someone, etc. God’s commandments should be taken seriously, they aren’t just rules at school.

You follow popular trends

No, I’m not saying that every popular trend is bad, definitely not! But, certain trends and things that are popular in this world are not ok for Christians to be doing. These can be things like manifestation, explicit music, dances, etc. The world and Christianity contradict each other and each time you must choose Christianity over things of the world. You have to choose what is actually right verses what is popular.

You don’t share your faith

I get that for some of you, this is difficult but sharing your faith is a part of Christianity. We shouldn’t want to keep God all to ourselves, we should want to share this great news with everyone! You don’t want to keep the fact that you are a Christian a secret. We should be proud and rejoicing at the fact that we are Christians and spread God’s word.

God isn’t your number one

I see a lot of the times that people say they are Christians but don’t truly focus on God. He is more like their helper or genie than their true God. Christians should put God first, over ever other thing! We should go to Him when making decision, pray, prioritize Him each day, etc. You don’t want your faith to fall behind work or “fun” things, God should be the number one thing in your life.

You’re not reading the Bible

In order to feed your soul and strengthen your faith you have to spend time with God each day. You should definitely be praying multiple times a day but you should also be reading your Bible. This doesn’t mean just skimming over it quickly for a few minutes, this means taking time to study God’s word and understand it. If you are struggling with this one, pray that God helps you seek to read His word and understand it better. That was something that really helped me!

You’re more worried about what others think than God

When you become more focused on what others think than what God thinks, it’s time to start rethinking things. When this happens, your focus is on things of this world instead of where it should be, on God! We should definitely prioritize our faith over everything else, meaning that we care about what God thinks of us above anyone else.

Remember that “lukewarm Christian” is just a term to describe someone who needs to get closer to God. This post isn’t meant to make you feel bad, I just want each of you (including myself) to reflect on your faith a bit. If you do one or two of these things, you most likely aren’t a lukewarm Christian. But, if you are guilty of all of these, then maybe it’s time to rethink your faith and spend some time in prayer. We should all be looking for ways to grow, so hopefully this post helped you out with that.

Thank you for reading! I hope you all enjoyed this post šŸ™‚ If you want to see some more Christian content be sure to follow my Instagram! I hope you all have an amazing day! Also, I am moving into college this week so bare with me if I am a bit inactive or miss a post.


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