25 Things to do This Fall

Hey guys 🙂 Happy fall! I thought it would be kind of fun to share some of my fall bucket list with you all and of course, some fun and festive pictures. I love spending some time on Pinterest planning out my fall festivities, so please enjoy this list of fun things you can do!fall walks

  1. haunted house

2. corn maze

3. pumpkin patch

4. caramel apple

5. carve pumpkins

6. scary movies

7. go on a fall drive

8. photoshoots

9. fall drinks

10. decorate the house

11. shop for sweaters

12. make pie

13. have a fire

14. pick apples

15. ride a horse

16. costume party

17. bake pumpkin stuff

18. make apple cider

19. go on a hike

20. eat some candy

21. go to a farm

22. get some fall candles

23. watch the stars

24. make a halloween costume

25. thrift fall clothes

Happy fall y’all!! I hope that this post gave you a little fun inspiration for things that you can do this season. If you want to subscribe, scroll all the way down and enter your email. You can also follow me on Instagram to see more content 🙂 have an amazing day

Briana ❤

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