2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and are now in the Christmas spirit! I wanted to share a little gift guide that may help you gift or create your wishlist. I tried to include links (some are affiliated) to all these great gifts!

Journaling Bible

The first gift idea is a journaling Bible. I know a lot of Christians want to get into Bible journaling, so this would be a perfect gift for any of your Christian friends or family. There are lots of different journaling Bible’s out there but I have 2 favorites. The first is a Crossway Journaling Bible (purchase it HERE). This Bible is $26 and works great! My other favorite is a She Reads Truth Journaling Bible (purchase: pink – HERE blue- HERE). This one is a bit bigger and is more of a study Bible. It also comes in several cute colors like a pink/orange and a faux blue leather.

Mug w/ gifts

I always see these gifts on Pinterest, so I had to include it! I think this idea is so cute and also really useful and customizable. So basically, you get a cute mug or cup and fill it up with little gifts that the person would like. I found two cute mugs on Amazon, the first is a mug that has a panda in the bottom (purchase it HERE) and the second is one of those cool clear mugs (purchase it HERE). Then, fill up the mug with small things like makeup, chapstick, gift cards, scrunchies, skincare, gum, etc.

Airpods case

By now, I figure so many people already have AirPods, so why not get them an AirPods case? AirPods are a pretty cool gift that every teenager practically wants, so if they don’t have them, that’s an idea. But, there are tons of cool AirPods cases that are pretty handy. Urban Outfitters has so many cute and creative AirPods cases like a little sloth (purchase this HERE) which is $18. If you are looking for a cheaper option, Amazon has a ton of different colored ones for about $5 (purchase this HERE).

Glossier makeup

I know personally I would love to receive any Glossier makeup or any other natural looking makeup. Glossier has a bunch of gift sets to choose from or simple products that would work for anyone (purchase this HERE). Another makeup brand that is similar to Glossier is Milk Makeup. They also have some great products that would be a great gift (purchase this HERE).


Candles are an amazing gift for anyone! Bath and Body works candles are my favorite because they aren’t too expensive and smell amazing (purchase this HERE). I know there are a couple fancy candle brands out there if you know someone who would like that kind of thing.

Bible journaling supplies

To go with the journaling Bible, you could gift them some supplies to help them get started with Bible journaling. Anything like sticky notes, pens, markers, highlighters, tabs, page markers, etc. I love to Bible journal, so I thought I would share the supplies that work best for me. I use the Crayola super tip markers (purchase this HERE), Signo uniball 207 pens (purchase this HERE), and Mildliners (purchase this HERE). Etsy also has some really nice Bible tabs that would be super helpful for anyone who reads the Bible (purchase these HERE).


I don’t know if it’s just me being a little nerdy, but I would love to receive books for Christmas! I feel like books are so universal and great for anyone. This year, I am asking for The Blue Book, which is a devotional with prayers (purchase this HERE). This would be great for a Christian friend or family member. You could also get them a self-help book, guided journal, fiction or nonfiction book.

Lululemon leggings

This present is pretty much a guaranteed hit. I know these leggings are so expensive, but they are so comfortable and such good quality. I love the align leggings (purchase this HERE) and they come in so many different colors/prints. This would be a good gift for anyone who is athletic or even just loves being comfortable.

Lush products

Lush has such amazing products that would be a great gift. I love that the ingredients in the products are more natural and better for you. They have a bunch of gift sets (purchase this HERE) or pick out a single product. Bath bombs, face masks, lotion, shampoo bar, bubble bar, or a massage bar would all be super nice.


Lastly, I had to include one of my favorite things ever… plants! Plants are such a great gift because not only do they look super nice, but they are pretty cheap! For those who don’t know plants very well, there are a few that are easy to take care of that aren’t expensive. Zee zee plants, snake plants, and many types of succulents are all easy to take care of.


Projectors have really become popular this year. I also think that these are so useful to receive as a gift. My sister is asking for one of these for Christmas so that she can watch movies in her room or have a cool movie night with her friends. It basically shows your phone or computer screen, so it works for movies, games, dvd’s, etc. This one is from Amazon and is $72 (purchase this HERE).




gift cards


face masks








Hopefully this post gave you some ideas! Thanks for reading! If you want to see more of my Christian content, definitely subscribe and follow me on Instagram. I hope you all have an amazing day 🙂


*most images not my own.

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