10 Goals For Christians in 2021

Hey everyone and welcome back! Today I wanted to give you some goals and things that you can work towards to help grow closer to God in 2021. A lot of these are things that I want to work on as well, so let’s grow together! Wherever you may be in your journey with Christ, following these tips will help you grow that relationship.

  1. Pray more!

This is my top goal for 2021… pray a lot more and for longer periods of time. I realized this year that reading my Bible goes hand in hand with prayer. When we read our Bible we learn about God’s character, and when we pray we hear His voice. Along with this goal comes quiet time. I would like to dedicate some time each day to prayer and then time in silence. This gives God the opportunity to communicate with us. The few times I have done this, He has put some amazing verses on my mind!

2. Attend church regularly

I know that it is different with each state, but for those of you who have church, try to attend it more regularly. Even for those of you who watch it online, watch it each week! This can be a bit harder for those of you who live at home or attend church with your family, but encourage them to go as well. Church is so important to form a community and also gives you the opportunity to hear wisdom from your pastor.

3. Read your Bible

You all knew this one would be in here, but it is true! God tells us that we need to read His word every day in order to feed our souls. It is like eating, it is something we need to do each day. During January I will be reading a Proverb each day. If you want to join me, this is a great way to get into the habit of reading it each day. Following any plan or Bible study will be helpful to those of you who have a hard time with this one.

4. Enjoy your time with God

So, you read your Bible daily and you pray, but do you enjoy it? I was reading my Bible today and one verse said that we should rejoice in His word. We don’t want it to feel like a chore that we HAVE to do each day. I am definitely working on this one as well, but there are a few things that have helped me. First, pray about it! Ask God to help you long to read His word and to truly enjoy it. Also, find a way to maybe make it more enjoyable. One was I did that was through Bible journaling.

5. Demonstrate love

I was reading 1 John 4 and it mentioned how Christians are called to love everyone. I think we can all find this a little difficult, but it is something we can all grow at! Being loving is a great way to spread God’s’ love to those who may not be as accepting of the Gospel. Instead of talking bad about someone, compliment them. Don’t act rude, be forgiving. Do a random act of kindness. Whatever you do, do it with love!

6. Memorize scripture

When I first heard of this I thought it was completely unnecessary, but I have found it really helpful. When I accidentally memorized scripture this year I found it really nice to know while praying. Not only that, but you can refer back to it easily. Try to memorize one verse each week or whatever you can manage. I use sticky notes and write the verse I want to memorize so that I can look back at it later. There is definitely something powerful about having scripture in your mind!

7. Rely on God

This was a tough lesson that I learned this year and am still working on. Relying on God is so important. We need to rely on His strength, love, plan, wisdom… the list goes on. I have been looking at my life and noticing things that I use as a crutch instead of fully trusting God. Maybe it would be helpful for you to do this as well and see which ways you can rely on God more and trust in His plan.

8. Follow God’s will

Christians should trust God as we just covered, so that means that we should follow His will. This can be totally difficult sometimes, I get it, but it is important! Lately while I have been praying, I have tried to include this. I will ask for God’s help on something or ask Him to do something for me and then finish by saying “Your will be done.” I think this would really help us all trust God more.

9. Be thankful

In so many verses God tells us to be thankful. Not only is this good for Christians, but this will increase happiness in your everyday life as well. I typically write in my prayer journal at night. With each prayer I will thank God for at least three things. You can always do family, a house, your job, etc but also try to dive into some deeper things. This will make you realize how much God has already given you in your life.

10. Do everything for God’s glory

We are called to do EVERYTHING for the glory of God. Whatever we eat, drink, watch, say, wear, should be for the glory of God. There are definitely things in my life that I need to change that aren’t for the glory of God. We also need to obey God in what He commands us to do and not do. If we are directly sinning, this isn’t for the glory of God. Cussing, dressing unmodestly, participating in zodiac sign, following the “popular things” that maybe aren’t the best, are all things that we shouldn’t be doing. Basically, look at your life and ask yourself if everything is for God’s glory.

Let me know what other goals you have for this year or if you will be working on any of these! Always remember that nothing can separate you from God’s love! If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel, I have been posting some cool Bible study and lifestyle videos over there! Also, subscribe so that you don’t miss any of my blog posts and follow my Instagram. Have a great day! ❤ Briana

One thought on “10 Goals For Christians in 2021

  1. I agree with most of the points you brought up in this post. I have a hard time being grateful and relying on God but it is something that I have been praying about and working on. I just found out about your blog and I’ll definitely be reading more of your posts ❤

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