How I study my Bible when I feel burnt out

Hey guys πŸ™‚ Today I wanted to show you how I study my Bible when I feel burnt out. You all know that feeling when reading your Bible feels like a chore and something you don’t want to do. This routine is pretty simple and just focused on learning about Jesus. So, if you have been feeling like me recently, keep reading πŸ™‚

I have found that simply learning about Jesus really helps me gain back that motivation to study my Bible. My favorite books to read are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each of these books speaks directly about Jesus’ life and how loving He was. So, whenever I feel burnt out I always turn to one of these books. There is something special about reading about the cool things Jesus did when He was here on earth. At the moment I am reading through Matthew.

Another thing that I have learned is that I should stop creating rules for my Bible studies. I typically force myself to do the same routine every day instead of just spending time with God. Basically, I would make myself read one chapter of a book each day and use a specific Bible study. There is nothing wrong with this routine, but I’ve found that it’s helpful to change things up now and then. Instead of doing that, now I read whatever I feel like I can process. So, if there isn’t a ton of information in one chapter, then I’ll read it. However, there is nothing wrong with reading a paragraph and then studying that.

So, start by reading through your desired amount of scripture. Next, I use Enduring Word and read through the commentary on the scripture I just read. This way is great because instead of just reading through a whole chapter I can truly study and understand what I am reading. If I feel like writing down what I learn I will, but I don’t always do that. Remember, do what makes you enjoy studying your Bible!

After doing that I like to do a bit of journaling and answer a few questions about what I read. I found a few questions online to answer after reading scripture:

  • What does this tell me about Jesus?
  • What does this tell me about myself?
  • What does this tell me about being a Christian and following Jesus?
  • How can I apply this to my life and what am I going to do about it?

This method helps me to apply what I read to my life and really just learn more about Jesus and my faith. I would highly recommend you follow this method if you feel a little burnt out. Just switching up how you study your Bible will really help!

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