30 Biblical Affirmations to Grow Your Faith

Hello everyone πŸ™‚ I wanted to share something new that I’m going to be doing to help my faith grow! I am going to start reading Biblical affirmations right when I get up in the morning. I wanted to share the importance of this, a little back story and some Biblical affirmations that you can choose from in this post! I also just want to quickly mention that I am selling some Christian jewelry on my Etsy shop, so if you want to check it out HERE is the link πŸ™‚

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are a phrase or something that you read and repeat to yourself in order to grow in a certain quality. A lot of the times affirmations can be connected with the law of attraction, however what I am talking about is a lot different. The law of attraction is not something that Christians should be using. If you want to know more I explained it in THIS POST. You probably repeat positive affirmations in your head each day. Something like, I can do this, or I am confident. Positive affirmations are great and help people to have a positive mindset which is really effective. If positive affirmations are already effective, imagine how effective Biblical affirmations will be!

Basically, Biblical affirmations are a way to remind yourselves of the truth that God tells us in the Bible. I also really love Biblical affirmations because they are a great way to combat what the world tells us we should be. So, if you struggle with that, definitely give Biblical affirmations a try.

How do I use Biblical affirmations?

Reading your Biblical affirmations every day will definitely help to strengthen your faith. I personally choose to read mine in the morning, right after I wake up. I feel like this is a great way to start your day and it really helps to align my thoughts with God. Whatever time you choose to read your affirmations, take your time and reflect on what each one truly means. You can also change up your affirmations, maybe each week or month. That’s the great thing is that they can be so personal to you and you can fit them into your day. Reading through my affirmations only takes me a minute or two at the most, so it’s a quick habit to form.

30 Different Affirmations

  • God’s peace will guard my heart
  • God is working in me
  • I will submit my thoughts to God
  • God is good
  • God has set me free from sin and all things that held me back
  • I am the daughter of a King
  • God has great plans for my life
  • I trust in God
  • God comforts my anxiety
  • God is always with me
  • Nothing can separate me from God’s love
  • I am chosen
  • I am wonderfully made
  • I am not who I used to be, God has forgiven me
  • My prayers are heard
  • I shine the light of Christ
  • I live for God
  • God guides me wherever I go
  • All things in my life are working for good
  • God’s will be done
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
  • God comforts me through everything
  • I will not be moved
  • My soul finds joy in God
  • My strength is found in God
  • I find rest in God
  • I trust in God’s timing
  • God answers my prayers
  • I walk by faith, not by sight
  • I am loved by the King of the universe

Feel free to read through your Bible and come up with some more personal Biblical affirmations. Write these on a notecard like I did, or just type them into your phone notes. Make sure to read them every day and let me know how it’s going!

Thank you for reading this post! If you’d like, you can follow my Instagram where I post more Christian content πŸ™‚ Make sure to let me know if you have any prayer requests and I can definitely be praying for you! Make sure to subscribe by entering your email so you don’t miss any new blog post. Have an amazing week


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