10 Things to do This Summer to Get Closer to God!

Hey guys! Now that school is out and you have a bit more time, it is a great time to grow closer to God and create some great habits. I know one excuse of mine is that I am too busy to study my Bible or pray, but use this summer to strengthen your faith. Before I start chatting to you guys, if you are looking for any beachy Christian jewelry check out MY ETSY SHOP! Also, there is a giveaway going on with my business, so go follow that account @ beadsbybrianaco

1. Start and End Your Day W/ God

Something that is a great habit to start is starting and ending your day with God. You can do this in so many different ways and really customize the time. Personally, I do a small Bible study on my Bible app when I first wake up. I also read through a small list of Biblical Affirmations. At the end of the day I always read a small paragraph of my Bible. You can also slowly read through your Bible, reading a chapter or even a page every morning and night. Prayer is also a great thing to do when you rise and get ready for bed. It can be something as simple as praying while you brush your teeth. Try to find a way to incorporate God into your morning and night routines.

2. Find a Bible Study Method That Works for You

There are tons of different ways to study your Bible, but not all of them might work for you. It might take some time, but experiment to see which method of studying your Bible works best for you! When I first started to get into reading my Bible I tried to simply read through it without any commentary. That method did not work great for me lol. Then I got into Bible journaling and using biblical commentary (like enduring word) which I loved! Testing out different methods may take a bit of time, but in the end you will have a method that helps you to truly grasp God’s word.

3. Utilize Your Time

This is one of the main things I am going to be working on this summer. Using your time for good and actually dedicating a chunk of it to God. I spend so much time on TikTok or just watching Netflix when I haven’t even studied my Bible for the day. Social media and things like that may be enjoyable, but you aren’t truly utilizing your time. I’m not saying to delete TikTok and only read your Bible, but try to discover more ways to honor God. This can be things like art, writing, photography, anything that God has gifted you with. Just try to be more intentional with your time and to not be wasteful with the time God has blessed you with.

4. Go to Church

I get it, you want to sleep in, but you still got to go to church! I know that during the summer it’s hard to get up early, but church is so important for Christians to be involved in. If you have been skipping out on church recently, try to get into the habit of going every Sunday. If you don’t have a church you regularly attend, use this summer to find a church in your area that you love. Use this summer to get involved in your church or just meet new people.

5. Start a Christian Journal

If you don’t already have a journal for all of your faith related things, start one! You can really write whatever you want in your journal, but I highly suggest writing down some of your prayers. I started doing this about a year ago, and it is crazy to look back and see how God has worked in my life. I also like to use it as a gratitude journal, where I write down three things every day that I am grateful for. Both of these habits will help you to be thankful and recognize how God has and is working in your life. Another thing I started doing in my journal is writing scripture for certain topics. For example, if you struggle with anxiety, dedicate a whole page to scripture that helps with your anxiety.

6. Read Christian Books

One of my goals this summer is to become more biblically wise. A great way to do this is to read some Christian books when you have some free time. Make a summer reading list of some books that may help to strengthen your faith and grow your understanding of the Bible. This is a super easy goal to accomplish this summer. Grab your book and read while you are sitting in the sun, before you go to bed, while you are in the car, or whenever you have a spare minute. This is a great one if you are trying to dedicate more time to God.

7. Eliminate Distractions and Sins

No Christian lives a sin free life, but we should definitely try! Something that I have learned helps me grow closer to God is analyzing my life and getting rid of any distractions or idols. These may not be things that directly appear God, but it is up to you to ask God to reveal any idols, distractions, or things keeping you from Him in general. For me, this could be a certain TV show or even secular music. It may be something totally different for you like drinking, sleep, your phone, etc. Like I said, pray about it and then act!

8. Make Christian Friends

Community is always a great way to grow closer to God. When you have friends to encourage you in your walk with Christ or give you advice, it is always helpful. I’m not saying that you can’t have friends who don’t believe in God, but it could be helpful to you to have friends who believe the same things as you. I have never had many close Christian friends, but summer is the perfect time to make some. Try attending youth group, a new church, or going to a Bible study in your town. If you already have Christian friends, start spending more time worshiping and studying your Bibles together. There is something super special about a community of believers who gather for the Lord.

9. Volunteer

A great way to get closer to God is by doing good. God calls us to be selfless and to work for His good. One great way of doing this is through volunteering. The great thing about volunteering is that you can volunteer for anything! You could volunteer at the animal shelter, church, homeless shelter, school, nursery, etc. I feel like volunteering at a church youth group would be really cool because you are spreading God’s word to a generation younger than you. There is nothing more refreshing than watching a bunch of little kids sing about how Jesus loves them lol.

10. Change What You Are Consuming

Lastly, I ask that you look at and change what you are putting into your life and mind. Although we don’t think certain things are bad or will effect us, they do. This world is full of evil and you have to discern what is Godly or not. Not everything on Netflix that is PG 13 is something you should be watching. So, think of several things in your life that should change… TV shows, cussing, music, certain friends, drugs, social media, an influencer, etc. Once you have recognized what needs to change, change it! Also, make sure to pray for strength and encouragement from God because He will help you!

I hope these habits will help you grow your relationship with God! Thank you for reading this post and supporting me 🙂 If you want to follow my instagram, feel free! I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week!

– Briana

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